King & Prince|Best album “Mr.5” to be released on April 19th

15% discount in online points for a limited time! * Tower Records stores are not eligible for the 15% point discount. “Store keeping / reservation service” is also excluded. King & Prince’s first greatest hits album! ! Each DISC 1 format contains 16 single title songs from the first single “Cinderella Girl” to the 12th […]

“Yeonjin-ah, what to do”… ‘The Glory’ until the paralysis [공식입장]

The blazing popularity of ‘The Glory’ led to server overload.On the 3rd, Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ was scheduled to hold a midterm exam event from 9:00 PM. However, the server went down due to traffic overload due to too many people rushing in for a short time. In response, Netflix apologized and plans to republish the […]

Jung Dong-won, ‘Prince Trot’ entered high school “Let’s get along”

The singer Jeong Dong-won went to high school.On the afternoon of the 2nd, Jung Dong-won posted several photos on his personal SNS with the hashtag “Let’s do well for the 3 years of entering Seoul Performing Arts High School!” In the published photo, Jeong Dong-won is seen holding a bouquet of flowers while taking a […]

Jang Young- ran, in the middle of her husband, “the guilt of the third miscarriage … I was sad when I said that I had to shake it off and get up” (groom class)

Jang Young-red expressed her feelings at the time of miscarriage to her husband, Han-chang.On Channel A’s ‘Men’s Life These Days – Groom’s Class’, broadcast on March 1, Jang Young-red revealed her daily life as a ‘couple mentor’ with her husband Han-chang. On this day, Jang Young-red and Han-chang play couples tennis and go to the […]

‘Come together and kick 2’ Ahn Jung-hwan “Players resign voluntarily” Kim Dong-hyun and Lee Hyeong-taek’s farewell is over

‘Somehow Avengers’ is starting to look for new members.In the JTBC entertainment program ‘Let’s Get Together 2’, broadcast on the 26th, we met the national jokgu team to discover unpopular football geniuses to reinforce members of ‘Somehow Avengers’. On this day, as soon as director Ahn Jung-hwan appeared, he approached the members and asked for […]