SUPER JUNIOR sends the 11th full album to celebrate the end of the year 2022.

A K-pop legend SUPER JUNIOR The warm ending of the year 2022 with the 11th full album. Ref.2 The Way : Celebration This is the final album of SUPER JUNIOR’s 11th full-length album, which they have created for fans around the world to enjoy throughout the year. It started with the release of a special […]

Come back ITZY with a cool fun song in the new song “Cheshire” | Sanook Music

It has been a busy year for me ITZY release new songs Come let us listen continuously throughout the year. Latest comeback on November 30 with new songs “Cheshire” That comes with the 6th mini album, the same name as the title track. CHESTERSHIRE “Cheshire” It comes with a meme like “Hey, why so serious?” […]

“V Violet” says “tired, beautiful”, wants to try without makeup, goes on stage

It’s over for Special meeting place a a small concert great fun in “Violette Wautier” Actors and singers splashed the fun. until the fans water The heart swelled together. because this time “Violet V” released the first Thai album, the first place “your daughter” representative of the girl who tells a story of growth and […]

Hers reinforces sadness with new single “The Only Thing I Can Do (All I Can Do)”

HERS (Hers) An artist with a lot of musical talent. From the label What The Duck (What The Duck) consists of members: Ploy – Chonlada Thongbai (lead vocals), Jean – Nattawadee Patimaeteekorn (guitar) and Kik – Natchaya Tangon (Per rcussion) who used to leave popular songs like “Still Wait”, “Forgotten”, comes back with sadness again […]

Cho Huai Band sends MV for the song “I still miss you”, happy, lonely, sad.

Known for gathering to play music at various events, causing a large following of fans. “Still missing you” under Music in Dreams Record, the first single in 10 years, led by Nongning-Inthura Nathongchai (female vocals), Pipe-Pitchyut Amornsak (male vocals), BELL-Thosatham Pengnaree (guitar), Tom -Ponnapat Thananchaipat (bass) and Ton-Prawet Jomprasit (drums) Shohua Band Soon after the […]

“If Me”, the last song of SERIOUS BACON’s debut album | Sanook Music

Having reached the last song of the album. ARE YOU SERIOUS? of duo artists like SERIOUS BACON (Sirius Bacon) Cake-Pemika Chiranarak (vocals), Chair Muang-Songmuang (vocals, guitar) from BOXX MUSIC (Box Music) with songs “if i” The closing song of the first full album which expresses the identity of SERIOUS BACON which is bright, fun, cute […]