No Math School Trip: A Hilarious Adventure in Hokkaido, Japan

“No Math School Trip”: A Unique Variety Show A Gang of 6 Boys from South Korea A gang of 6 boys from South Korea, including To Kyung-soo (DOexo), Crush, Zico, Choi Jong-hoon from Jannabi, and comedians Yang Se-chan and Lee Yong-jin, are embarking on a trip to Hokkaido, Japan. This picturesque village is filled with […]

Goldman Sachs Predicts ECB Interest Rate Cuts Starting in April 2024

Economists Predict European Central Bank Interest Rate Cuts Financial experts at Goldman Sachs have forecasted that the European Central Bank (ECB) will begin to lower interest rates by 0.25 percentage points at each meeting starting in April 2024. They anticipate that the policy rate will drop from its current level of 4% to 2.25% by […]

Eurozone Consumer Price Index Falls in November, Fueling Speculation of Interest Rate Cuts

EU Inflation Rate Drops to 2.4% in November The European Union (EU) Statistics Office announced on the 30th that the Eurozone Consumer Price Index (HICP) growth rate (preliminary figures) for November was 2.4%, down from 2.9% in October, signaling a significant decrease. Market expectations of 2.7% were not met, leading to speculation of impending interest […]

Philippines and Communist Rebels Agree to Restart Peace Talks after Six Years

Philippine Government and Communist Rebels Agree to Restart Peace Talks In a significant development, the Philippine government and communist rebels have agreed to resume peace talks after a six-year hiatus. The aim of these talks is to put an end to the decades-long armed conflict that has plagued the country. Last week, delegations from the […]

Caution Urged Against Impersonation Scams on Yoo Jae-seok’s ‘Excuse Go’ Show

Caution Urged Against Impersonation Scam Targeting ‘Excuse Go’ Viewers Reporter: Noeul Kim | Date: 2023.11.26 20:50 Yoo Jae-seok’s web entertainment show ‘Excuse Go’ has recently been the target of an impersonation scam, prompting the production team to issue a warning to viewers. The scam involves individuals impersonating the ‘Excuse Go’ production team offline in order […]

Saudi Crown Prince Calls for End to Conflict Between Israel and Hamas at Africa Summit

Saudi Crown Prince Urges End to Israel-Hamas Conflict In a significant diplomatic move, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed called for an immediate cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas at the Saudi Africa Summit. The call for peace was echoed in a joint statement adopted at the summit, underscoring the urgency of ending the conflict […]