North Korea Accelerates Refinement Process of “Wanlijing-1” Reconnaissance Satellite

North Korea’s “Wanlijing-1” Reconnaissance Satellite Refinement Accelerates According to Xinhua News Agency, on November 27th, North Korea’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Pyongyang Comprehensive Command Station announced that the refinement process of the North Korean reconnaissance satellite “Wanlijing-1” is accelerating, with the aim of being completed ahead of schedule within 1 to 2 days. The […]

Kim Jong-un closes a dozen embassies

North Korea closes several embassies abroad. It is unclear whether there is a lack of funding or whether a political restructuring is the reason. North Korea closes more than one in four of its embassies. The reasons for this range from lack of money to political restructuring of the country. This is reported by the […]

North Korea Threatens to Cancel Inter-Korean Military Agreement

Rewrite text ◀ Anchor ▶ North Korea strongly opposed the South Korean government’s suspension of part of the September 19 military agreement, effectively announcing its intention to cancel the September 19 military agreement, saying it would no longer be bound by the agreement. He also threatened to deploy military equipment forward in the area of […]

North Korea Launches Surprise Satellite Despite Previous Failures And International Opposition

North Korean Satellite Launch North Korea has launched a surprise satellite following two previous failed attempts earlier this year. The government claims that this time the launch was successful, despite strong opposition from other nations, Details of the Launch At around 10:43 PM last night, North Korea launched the military reconnaissance satellite ‘Manrikyeong-1’ from the […]

North Korea Successfully Launches First “Spy Satellite” into Orbit; More to Come

North Korea Successfully Launches First “Spy Satellite” into Orbit On November 22, North Korea announced that it had achieved the successful launch of its first “spy satellite” into orbit and has pledged to continue sending more spacecraft as a measure to defend itself against what it describes as “dangerous military movements by the enemy.” The […]

South Korea Announces Reopening of DMZ Tours for Ministry Personnel Only

South Korea Resumes DMZ Tours for Ministry Personnel Unification Ministry Announces Limited Reopening of Demilitarized Zone After months of closure following a security breach involving an American soldier, South Korea has announced the resumption of tours to the demilitarized zone, or DMZ, but with a catch. As of November 22, tours of the DMZ are […]

North Korea Launches Military Reconnaissance Satellite: Success or Failure?

North Korea Launches Military Reconnaissance Satellite North Korea announced the successful launch of a military reconnaissance satellite late last night. However, military authorities are currently analyzing the success of the launch. Reporter Kim Sang-hoon brings us the latest details. Surprise Launch North Korea surprised the international community with the launch of its third military reconnaissance […]

North Korea: Satellite successfully launched into space

North Korea failed twice this year in its attempt to put a military reconnaissance satellite into orbit. Now the launch of a rocket has been successful. North Korea says it has successfully launched a military reconnaissance satellite into space. According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap, the leadership in Pyongyang announced that the launch […]