The Hankook Ilbo: The Balance of Seeing the World

The competition for super-giant AI technology, which is called ‘the future of artificial intelligence (AI)’, is hot. Super-giant AI with abilities that are one step closer to humans has infinite potential to be used in all fields of the future industry. So, if a company is preparing for future food, it is a situation in […]

A voice from the upper management of Real Madrid saying, “We should consider a complete transfer” … What will happen to Takefusa Kubo in the future? Discussion in the second week of July | Japan

[Europe / Overseas Soccer Reporter Column]Takefusa Kubo has been transferring rentals four times for three years from Real Madrid (LaLiga). Japan national team midfielder, who has been highly expected by the club’s upper management, is changing his direction. The Madrid number of “Marca” spells out his current situation. The current situation where expectations are not […]

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[가신이의 발자취] In honor of the late Lee Dong-woo, the first president of the Washington Mental Countermeasures Committee The first president, Lee Dong-woo, was sentenced with the ‘Peace Girl Award’, which was unveiled in Washington, DC, USA in October 2019. Provided by the Washington Mental Countermeasures Committee I had to hear heartbreaking news once again […]

Hankook Ilbo: The Balance of Seeing the World

It is no longer unfamiliar to see electric vehicles on the street. It is difficult not to meet electric vehicles in Norway, California in the US, and Jeju Island. Governments around the world are pouring out environmental regulations and support measures to create an environment for the number of electric vehicles to increase, and automakers […]

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Classes examining discrimination and hatred in the mediaProject class against hate speechAfter recognizing ‘me’, you can understand ‘others’Making a ‘counter-narrative’ through the filmLook at how prejudice leads to discrimination“Hate speech is not ‘freedom of expression’” Daejeon Bomun Middle School students participated in ‘Visiting Media Class’ hosted by Daejeon Viewer Media Center and Daejeon Metropolitan Office […]

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“I go camping at school”… Operation of ‘2022 Schooling’ Example of a ‘Schooling’ schedule. Provided by Seoul Office of Education Seoul Office of Education Student Education Center Visiting Training Center will conduct ‘2022 Schooling’, which runs a camping program by visiting schools in the district. Schooling is a term for ‘school camping’, and it is […]

[건강칼럼] facial nerve palsy

A lawyer with 3 years of experience at a law firm in Korea. Yesterday too, after overtime work, I fell asleep. In the morning, while pouring the nutritional supplement into his mouth, he felt a strange sensation on his tongue, but dismissed it as a physical condition and headed to the office. During her morning […]

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[한겨레S] Salon de YeoulㅣProfessor Jeong Jae-seung, KAIST“Like how to reduce suicide, ‘a society that doesn’t make bad decisions’ is a research topicInstead of a prosthetic arm, I want to study a robotic arm that moves as you think.” Photographer Lee Seung-won ☞Subscribe to the Hankyoreh S Newsletter Science is cold, but scientists want it […]

Hankook Ilbo: The Balance of Seeing the World

single sexual assaultPOSCO Department,held a meeting every day “The atmosphere in the department has changed drastically since the leader in question came three years ago.” While a female POSCO employee complained that she was constantly sexually harassed by her boss at every dinner party, there are testimonies that the boss held a dinner party almost […]