Is it possible to hire minors – can this be done without parental permission

Soon the summer vacation season will begin in Ukraine. Currently, many students are looking for temporary part-time work. Mikhail Kharin, director of the Regional Center for Provision of Free Secondary Legal Aid in Kyiv, told what parents and minors who are looking for work should remember. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED IN According to the Labor […]

Ichikawa Saranosuke’s family collapsed at home and his mother was confirmed dead on the spot|Ichikawa Saranosuke|Parents|Kabuki_Sina

Ichikawa Saranosuke’s family collapsed at home Sina Entertainment News According to media reports on the 18th, around 10 am, Ichikawa Saranosuke and his parents were found collapsed in their home in Meguro District, Tokyo. Ichikawa Saranosuke was still conscious, and his mother was confirmed dead at the scene. According to subsequent reports, Ichikawa Saranosuke’s father, […]

Overcrowding of parents in the test center!

After the corona period, the SSC exam is being held with the full syllabus. On the first day of the exam on Sunday, the Bengali first paper exam was held. After a few years, there was another three-hour test.

“I borrow 200 million from my mom” IOU to avoid gift tax… if it’s wrong

Money Today Sejong = Reporter Sejoong Oh | 2023.04.29 07:21 Lim Jong-cheol, design reporter. /Photo = Designer Lim Jong-cheol If there is a financial transaction between parents and children, if it is recognized as borrowed money rather than a gift, you do not have to pay gift tax. According to the ‘Inheritance and Gift Tax […]

Vaccinations are essential to your child’s health

Babies who have spent ten months in their mother’s womb face different vaccinations from the moment they are born. At birth, a baby’s first contact with a thin needle is the hepatitis B vaccination. There are countless vaccinations that babies need until they reach adulthood, including hepatitis B, which is the first thing they get […]

My child gets dizzy from time to time, is it pediatric anemia?

From 6 months of age, babies need iron supplementation. Normally, weaning food begins to replenish iron, but if you do not eat enough iron, there is a high risk of developing anemia in babies. In particular, a child whose face is too pale or who refuses to eat baby food should be suspected of anaemia. […]

Enterovirus gradually enters good phase of mask ban, doctor calls for frequent hand washing – Health-China Times News

Enterovirus cases have recently appeared in the pediatric outpatient clinic of Dajiali General Hospital. The doctor reminded Yu Qiulin to wash hands often. (Provided by Dajiali General Hospital) Enterovirus gradually enters a high-risk phase, and doctors advise frequent hand washing with soap to reduce the chance of infection. (Provided by Dajiali General Hospital) The 24 […]