Yuma Kagiyama New SP is the first rock song | au Web Portal Sports News

Figure skating boys and Beijing Olympics silver medalistYuma Kagiyama(Oriental Bio, Chukyo University) announced a new program for the 2022-23 season on the online distribution program on the 30th. The short program (SP) is the first rock song to challenge,Imagine Dragons“Believer”, the choreographerYuzuru Hanyu(ANA) and others have also worked on programsShae-Lynn BourneI revealed with him. In […]

Seiya Suzuki Exciting Arch in Return Battle | au Web Portal Sports News

Cubs Seiya Suzuki[Photo: Reuters] Returning to the actual battle with 3A Iowa under the umbrella … Fan “Swing looks good!” Cubs on the Injured List (IL) due to a ring finger injury on the left handSeiya SuzukiThe outfielder suddenly released a dynamic arch in the return match on June 30th (July 1st, Japan time). As […]

Roki Sasaki 1 Inning 4 Strikeout | au Web Portal Sports News

Lotte Roki Sasaki[Photo: Yuji Arakawa] “Rare” because Nishikawa, the leader, ran away from the base ■ Lotte Rakuten (1st, ZOZO Marine) Lotte’sRoki SasakiOn the 1st, the pitcher recorded 1 inning, 4 strikeouts in a professional baseball record at the Rakuten match at ZOZO Marine Stadium. This is the 27th rare record in history. In the […]

Sampdoria Yoshida’s departure announcement | au Web Portal Sports News

Sampdoria will be on June 30th, Japan national team DFMaya YoshidaAnnounced that he had left the group. Yoshida, now 33 years old, transferred from Southampton to Sampdoria for rental in January 2020. He had signed a two-year contract with Sampdoria in the summer of 2020 following the expiration of his contract with Southampton, which he […]

Hanshin reversal goodbye loses 3 consecutive losses | au Web Portal Sports News

◆ JERA Central League DeNA 5-6 x Hanshin (30th, Yokohama Stadium) Hanshin suffered three consecutive losses by losing to DeNA by a come-from-behind goodbye. The match at Yokohama Stadium this season is 2 wins and 6 losses. The ranking changed with DeNA and fell to 5th place. 7 times to chase 1 pointTeruaki SatoWhen he […]

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[가신이의 발자취] In honor of the late Lee Dong-woo, the first president of the Washington Mental Countermeasures Committee The first president, Lee Dong-woo, was sentenced with the ‘Peace Girl Award’, which was unveiled in Washington, DC, USA in October 2019. Provided by the Washington Mental Countermeasures Committee I had to hear heartbreaking news once again […]

Masanori Ishikawa Achieved a total of 3000 pitches | au Web Portal Sports News

◆ JERA Central League Hiroshima-Yakult (30th, Mazda Stadium) YakultMasanori IshikawaThe pitcher has achieved a total of 3000 pitches.The current DeNA directorDaisuke MiuraThis is the 28th feat in history since he. Ishikawa started in 1/3 two more times until he reached Odai. When the first time was struck out by a trio, the 3rd McBroom and […]

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Classes examining discrimination and hatred in the mediaProject class against hate speechAfter recognizing ‘me’, you can understand ‘others’Making a ‘counter-narrative’ through the filmLook at how prejudice leads to discrimination“Hate speech is not ‘freedom of expression’” Daejeon Bomun Middle School students participated in ‘Visiting Media Class’ hosted by Daejeon Viewer Media Center and Daejeon Metropolitan Office […]