A ‘crazy inspector’ caused a shooting in the deceased Sai Mai area

On March 15, 2023, the progress of the case “Mad Inspector” or “Inspector Kan” 50 years old, shot inside the house Police officers spent more than 28 hours in the siege of negotiations until last noon. An operation to subdue the crazy inspector was able to bring force to stop the incident. It was reported […]

Police believe the 8-month-old baby is dead. No idea sold: PPTVHD36

Police believe the 8-month-old baby is dead. After searching for 25 days, nothing was found. and no clues were found for sale There is still no sign of a search for an 8-month-old boy whose mother admitted that the son was thrown into the water for 25 days, but the officers continued to search for […]

Emergency bounce, Bowin Police Station Superintendent, as the link ‘SAIPAY69’, ready to set up a committee to investigate the facts

from having a police officer in the eastern region Participating in online gambling websites After the information technology crime prevention police or the PCT police arrest the gambling website. ‘SAIPAY69’ On February 22, the accused was arrested for wheezing. Including the money trail associated with the rank of police officer, Pol. Col. Council Superintendent in […]

Police release news. Discredit Witnesses naturally | Hacking issues EP35: PPTVHD36

Colonel Wirut Sirisawatdibutr It was revealed that the police were using news release methods. Making false evidence to discredit witnesses In all cases involving the police, for example, the case of a Taiwanese woman who released the news that he was drunk so that no one could be trusted Follow the program “Chop Issues” every […]