Creak brakes! Police Captain Ying ended her resignation to travel the world after Phetchabun’s commander invited him to speak.

because the online world has shared documents requesting the resignation from the civil service of the Police Lieutenant Colonel (female), Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Muang Phetchabun Police Station, dated March 20, 2023, who will resign from the 30th April 2023, where the document refers to the reason for resignation wanting to travel the world in different […]

A ‘crazy inspector’ caused a shooting in the deceased Sai Mai area

On March 15, 2023, the progress of the case “Mad Inspector” or “Inspector Kan” 50 years old, shot inside the house Police officers spent more than 28 hours in the siege of negotiations until last noon. An operation to subdue the crazy inspector was able to bring force to stop the incident. It was reported […]