DSI warns the public to open a variety of methods of fraud, online threats, fraudulent investment

The Office of the Commission for the Promotion of Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) has supported the Financial Informal Business Litigation Division. The Special Investigations Department researched and decrypted 25 fraudsters, Ponzi schemes, and alerted the public. 25 ways online Thieves defraud investment, Ponzi scheme 1. to trick the victim into wanting by using returns […]

“Samsung Semiconductor in trouble?” Fight with the forces of the TSMC-Nvidia allies… Winner of the ‘Nano War’ [비즈360]”- Herald Economy

In April 2014, when TSMC founder Maurice Chang gave a lecture at Stanford University in the United States, Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, shared his impressions of attending the lecture.[스탠포드대학 유튜브 캡처] [헤럴드경제=김지헌 기자] TSMC, the world’s No. 1 foundry (semiconductor chip batch production) that has been pushed behind by Samsung in the speed of […]

“The wages of all the workers were raised by 8 million, won → 5 million won again.” Where is the big company?” – The Economy Herald

[헤럴드경제= 박영훈기자] “We raise the whole thing too” While many companies are freezing or slightly raising salaries due to the economic recession, game companies are raising their salaries one after another, drawing attention. Following Nexon, Smilegate is also raising annual salaries this year to a level similar to Nexon. Smilegate is a company famous for […]

The next pandemic in the UK?… A corona-like virus found in bats in Britain

9 viruses were found in faecal samples from 16 species of batsExperts “British bats harbor corona-like virus” A Corona-like virus has been found in bats native to England. Scientists say “only a few mutations can attack people”. ↑ Bats/Photo = Yonhap News Experts have warned that bats in Britain are harboring a coronavirus-like virus that […]

A case of rape of a housewife in Rajbari

In Rajbari Sadar Upazila, a house wife (35) was raped by tying her hands and face. On Friday night, a case was registered at Rajbari police station on the orders of the court. Alauddin Mollah (40) of Raghunathpur village of Khanganj Union of Rajbari Sadar Upazila has been accused in the case. In the complaint, […]

‘Amazed’ HUNGARIAN MINISTER AND DODIK’S FRIEND: From the US Embassy about Szijjart defending Konaković

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/03/photo_1679475882050_1.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/03/photo_1679475882050_1.jpg”,”caption”:”Peter Szijjarto i Elmedin Konakoviu0107 (Foto: Slobodna Bosna/Samir Saletoviu0107)”,”bg”:”2c2e43″] “The United States of America promotes freedom of the press in restrictive environments abroad, and we call on other governments to hold accountable all those who make journalists the targets of harassment, intimidation and violence,” states the response of the Public Relations Office of the US […]