Real Estate Agency, February Publication of the National House Price Trend Survey

On March 15, the Korea Real Estate Agency (Director Tae-Rak Son) announced the results of the February 2023 nationwide house price trend survey. The monthly comprehensive house sales price nationwide was -1.15%, a decrease from the previous month (-1.49%). In the metropolitan area (-1.86% → -1.38%), Seoul (-1.25% → -0.80%), and provinces (-1.15% → -0.93%), […]

“EGAT-Shell” launches clean energy technology with the goal of “Net Zero”

“ “EGAT-Shell” launches clean energy technology aiming for “Net Zero”, supporting the global policy to reduce carbon emissions It notes that Thailand still needs to rely on electricity generation from fuel fossil to maintain energy security. Bunyanit Wongrakmit, Governor of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand)EGAT) reveals that EGAT has […]

Green China, a new era of China with 7 green developments

Moreover, it was said that this year, more than two-thirds of China’s provinces plan to reduce their use of fossil fuels. especially in the western provinces of China. that is changing to a green industry For example, the Baofeng battery factory, the first large-scale energy storage facility in Ningxia province, will open in July this […]

Norwegian police temporarily detain Greta during a protest demonstration | Reuters

The Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, was detained twice by the police during a protest in favor of indigenous human rights in the capital of Norway, Oslo on the 1st. FILE PHOTO: Oslo, 2023. REUTERS/Alf Simensen/NTB/via REUTERS OSLO (Reuters) – Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg was detained twice by police on Wednesday during a protest […]

Robert Habeck has received criticism for wind power processes

Does the traffic light want to rush through the rapid expansion of wind power? Both Union and Left Party criticize the procedure. The Union accuses Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) of bypassing the Bundestag for faster wind power expansion. “A windy process, the likes of which we have not had before: Robert Habeck […]

Traffic light fractions agree on faster wind power expansion

The government coalition has probably agreed on measures to promote the expansion of renewable energies. The focus is on wind power. The factions of SPD, Greens and FDP in the Bundestag have agreed on details for the faster expansion of renewable energies. “Especially for wind energy and for the expansion of the power grid, we […]

Thermal management building department, disaster safety management practice ‘leading’

The Korea Thermal Management Building Association (Chairman Yoo Jeong-beom) announced that it held the ‘2023 Energy Safety and Disaster Safety Management Practice Pledge Competition’ and ‘2023 Regular General Meeting’ on February 28 at the conference room on the 4th floor. from Shindaebang-dong Specialized Construction Center. On this day, the pledge competition was held as a […]

Angle: “Sunlight blocking” research in developing countries, new NGO funding | Reuters

Oslo (8th Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Scientists in developing countries recently received new funding to study potentially dangerous ways to slow global warming. The method is “solar geoengineering,” which means artificially blocking sunlight by releasing reflective chemicals into the atmosphere, such as sulfur particles, similar to volcanic plumes. I’m trying to cool the earth. Also […]

Hannah, expanding heating cost support for the energy disadvantaged

Korea District Heating Corporation (CEO Yong-ki Jeong) announced on the 9th that it would expand support for heating costs to the vulnerable, who are experiencing difficulties in winter due to a sudden increase in energy rates. Following the first measure on January 26, this support expansion plan expands the target of support for households not […]