Sony Interactive Entertainment Announces Scheduled Maintenance for PlayStation Network

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it will be conducting scheduled maintenance for its popular online service, PlayStation Network, starting on October 2nd. This maintenance will take place on three separate occasions, between October 2nd and October 6th, during specific time windows. From October 2nd to October 4th, the maintenance will occur between 11:00 and […]

Google Podcasts to Shut Down Due to Declining Users, Transitioning to YouTube Music

Official Announcement: Google Podcasts to Shutdown in 2024 In a recent blog post, the official YouTube team announced the closure of Google Podcasts due to a decline in users. After six years since its launch, the independent podcast service will be ending its operations. The closure comes as some podcast services have already integrated into […]

Talent Bus Co., Ltd. Awarded Excellent Technology Company Certificate by SCI Rating Information

Talent Bus Receives Excellent Technology Company Certificate from SCI Rating Information In a recent announcement, Talent Bus Co, Ltd revealed that it has been granted an excellent technology company certificate by SCI Rating Information, a renowned technology credit rating agency. SCI Evaluation Excellent Company Certification The Information Technology Evaluation SCI Evaluation Excellent Company Certification is […]

Innovative Financial Services Designated by Korea’s Financial Services Commission

The Financial Services Commission of Korea’s 110 Exchange has announced the designation of 10 new innovative financial services. This brings the total number of designated services to 283, allowing these services to be tested in the market. Additionally, 25 previously designated innovative financial services have had their designation period extended, and one application for regulatory […]

TWICE Collaborates with FamilyMart for a Christmas Cake: Introducing the Lovely Tea Time Cake

LOVELY TEA TIME CAKE: A Sweet Christmas Collaboration with TWICE A delicious treat awaits cake enthusiasts this Christmas as FamilyMart presents the enchanting “LOVELY TEA TIME CAKE,” a joint creation with the popular K-pop group, TWICE. Designed to reflect TWICE’s vibrant artistry and mesmerizing stage performances, this delightful cake promises to indulge your senses. The […]

Fortnite Introduces ‘My Hero Academia’ Characters in New Update

Fortnite Collaboration with “My Hero Academia” Brings Exciting New Features Fortnite, the popular online game developed by Epic Games, has announced an exciting collaboration with “My Hero Academia,” one of the most beloved anime series. Three iconic characters from the show, Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, and Mina Ashido, will soon be available in the game’s […]

Introducing the Yamaha Golf Club “RMX VD” Series: New Models for Maximum Performance

Introducing the new Yamaha “RMX VD” and “RMX VD/M” golf clubs. These clubs are designed to enhance the performance of every golfer. The “RMX VD” driver offers three different features to meet the preferences of athletic golfers. All driver heads feature the innovative “Bull’s-eye Face” technology, which optimizes initial ball speed, launch angle, and spin […]

Inspection of school buses in Istanbul

With the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, traffic police officers affiliated with the Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate inspected school bus vehicles in Beyo─člu. During the inspections, school bus vehicles were stopped and checked. The teams checked whether the rules were followed, the items that should be in the vehicle and the documents.

NIJISANJI EN Unit Art T-Shirt Vol.3: Get Your Favorite VTuber’s Younger Image on a Shirt!

NIJISANJI EN Unit Art T-Shirt Vol.3 Now Available! The highly anticipated “NIJISANJI EN Unit Art T-Shirt Vol.3” is now on sale. This collection features a total of 17 VTubers from the NIJISANJI EN project, which primarily uses English. The T-shirts showcase youthful illustrations of each member, allowing fans to support their favorite VTubers in style. […]