A Famous Comedian Opens Up About Her Struggle with Social Phobia After a Cheating Marriage

A Famous Comedian Opens Up About Struggles with Social Phobia after Cheating Marriage November 6, 2023 In a shocking update on the entertainment program ‘Ask Anything’ on KBS Joy, a renowned comedian from the 90s shared her difficult journey battling social phobia following a painful experience of infidelity in her marriage. The comedian, who once […]

Marriage Hell – A Couple’s Shocking Testimony After 35 Years of Marriage

‘Marriage Hell – Oh Eun-young Report’: 35-Year Married Couple’s Shocking Testimony Revealed In an upcoming episode of MBC’s ‘Oh Eun-young Report – Marriage Hell’, viewers will witness the heart-wrenching story of a couple who have spent 35 years together and now seek to wipe away their painful memories in order to start afresh. The show, […]

Childhood Trauma Linked to Increased Risk of Headaches in Adulthood: Study

Childhood trauma has been identified as a significant contributing factor to the development of headaches in adulthood, according to a recent study. Individuals who experience sudden or unexplained headaches are encouraged to consider the possibility that childhood trauma may be a root cause. The research, conducted by an American health media outlet called HealthDay, found […]

Department of Medical Services Releases Guidelines for Diagnosing and Treating Dengue Fever in High-Risk Patients

The Department of Medical Services has recently released a concise guide for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with dengue fever. This guide specifically emphasizes the identification of high-risk groups who may experience severe symptoms and complications. The guidelines cover various aspects, including diagnosing suspected patients and confirming the presence of the disease. Additionally, it […]

Lee Hye-young Sends Heartfelt Video Letter to Ex-husband Lee Sang-min

Lee Hye-young Sends a Heartfelt Video Message to Ex-Husband Lee Sang-min Date: 2023.09.29 Broadcaster Lee Hye-young Emotionally Connects with Lee Sang-min in Video Letter In a touching gesture, Lee Hye-young sent a heartfelt video letter to her ex-husband, Lee Sang-min. The video titled ‘Lee Hye-young’s shocking comments! (video letter to ex-husband, first released)’ was released […]

Judges blamed for paralysis in Ayotzinapa case; Truth Commission renders report

Alejandro Encinas accused the Judiciary of preventing the truth about the disappearance of the 43 normal students from being known. The Undersecretary of Human Rights of the Segob stated that in the investigations into the case he faces harassment from judges, who use different criteria to distort the investigations and release those allegedly responsible. Before […]

Three die in a car crash in Querétaro

A balance of three people dead and three more injured was what left a car accident carried out by two units, reported the emergency services of the state of Queretaro. He accident It was reported on the Surponiente bypass, in the state capital, where the driver of a car type Mini Coopers invaded a contraflow […]