Powell says we see some signs of slowing economic activity

[뉴욕=이데일리 김정남 특파원] Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on the 27th (local time) that “we are seeing signs that some necessary economic activity is slowing.” Chairman Powell said at a press conference shortly after the decision to raise the key interest rate by 75 basis points (1 bp = 0.01 percentage point) to 2.25 […]

Singapore, where financial companies are flocking to, leaving Korea… regulations are divided

[이데일리 김연지 김성훈 김예린 기자] “Let’s make a global player like the group BTS in the financial industry” (Chairman of Financial Services Commission, Joo-Hyun Kim) “We will make Korea develop into a global financial center” (Finance Supervisor Lee Bok-hyun) The desire to develop finance as a growth engine for the Korean economy as much as […]

“Instead of sugar that raises blood sugar [식탐]”- Herald Economics

[123RF] [헤럴드경제=육성연 기자]There are various reasons for enjoying sweet foods in daily life, such as a habit or the thought that eating sweets makes you feel better. However, excessive sugar intake raises the risk of various diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes by causing problems with insulin metabolism. There is also an Australian […]

Sinkhole at the bottom of an Israeli swimming pool… sucked male death

VOD viewing guide Following the end of Adobe Flash Player serviceThe service is not smooth in the current browser version.Please click the button below to upgrade (install) your browser. [Anchorment] A man in his 30s died when the floor of a house in Israel suddenly collapsed. It was quickly sucked into a sinkhole and suffered […]

Oh Eun-young Magic… Kim Seung-hyun 母 “The experience of ‘My Husband Has Changed'”

‘Oh Eun-Young Report’ [이데일리 스타in 김가영 기자] The current status of the actors who experienced ‘Oh Eun-Young Magic’ will be revealed. In MBC’s ‘Oh Eun-Young Report – Marriage Hell’, which will be aired on the 25th, the daily life of the couples who have appeared for the past three months will be revealed. The marriage-hell […]