“The wages of all the workers were raised by 8 million, won → 5 million won again.” Where is the big company?” – The Economy Herald

[헤럴드경제= 박영훈기자] “We raise the whole thing too” While many companies are freezing or slightly raising salaries due to the economic recession, game companies are raising their salaries one after another, drawing attention. Following Nexon, Smilegate is also raising annual salaries this year to a level similar to Nexon. Smilegate is a company famous for […]

The next pandemic in the UK?… A corona-like virus found in bats in Britain

9 viruses were found in faecal samples from 16 species of batsExperts “British bats harbor corona-like virus” A Corona-like virus has been found in bats native to England. Scientists say “only a few mutations can attack people”. ↑ Bats/Photo = Yonhap News Experts have warned that bats in Britain are harboring a coronavirus-like virus that […]

The digital intelligence of “Pengbo Intelligent Manufacturing” is life-changing

March 25, 2023 09:44:42 Source: Heilongjiang Daily Author: Li Xuejun □ Li Xuejun, our newspaper’s trainee reporter “In the past, there was always no parking space when picking up and dropping off children. Now, using the ‘City Park Tong’ APP, you can immediately know if there is a parking space in the nearby car park. […]

Total lucky numbers for this draw

Lucky numbers for this draw April 1, 2023 Let’s try to see what number will be left in this period. What news is popular? which we have collected for you to see Let us go and see. *** Please use discretion when viewing *** Lottery news: Quickly write the auspicious incense number “Taew Nathaphon”, dance […]

Osaka Izumi reported “Bleeding on the street” 4 injured and transported | NHK

According to the fire department, after 7:30 pm on the 24th, there was a report that “two people were bleeding on the street” at 5-chome, Minata, Izumi City, Osaka. According to investigative sources, when the police rushed to the scene, it appears that someone had a knife and tried to cut another resident, so they […]