“The success of the switch”… Nintendo’s ‘Hybrid Innovation’ – Money Today

Money Today Reporter Kim Sang-hee | 2023.05.28 08:00 [선데이 모닝 키플랫폼] Brand Innovation Scanner #19 – “Nintendo Switch” Editorial comment | A Sunday morning information charging station prepared by KEY PLATFORM, Money Today’s information and learning content brand, for those seeking detailed information and knowledge in preparation for a new week. (Seoul = News 1) […]

Sony unveils ‘Project Q’ mobile game console… ‘PS5’ games available

Konami ‘Metal Gear Solid’, Square Enix ‘Final Fantasy 16’, etc. Sony Project Q handheld game console (center). (Photo = PlayStation Showcase 2023 video capture) [서울파이낸스 이도경 기자] Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), a subsidiary of Sony’s ‘Playstation’ business, held ‘Playstation Showcase 2023’, an online presentation of new games on the morning of the 25th (Korea time), […]

Sony to release ‘ZV-1 II’ camera for vlogging

[디지털투데이 AI리포터] ITMatch The Verge reported on the 23rd (local time) that Sony released the ZV-1 II, an upgraded version of the ZV-1, a small digital camera for easy video shooting like YouTube. The Sony ZV-1 II has convenient features such as a wide zoom lens suitable for vlogging and a USB-C port. You can […]

Sony anticipates an online PlayStation Showcase press conference, with a total duration of 1 hour to warm up various masterpieces of PS5 | 4 Gamers

Finally there is action. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will hold an online presentation “PlayStation Showcase” at 13:00 on May 24th, Pacific time (4:00 on May 25th, Taiwan time). Total duration 1 hour. According to PlayStation’s official blog information, this announcement will focus on new PS5 and VR2 works in development, including works from the first-party […]

Validate custom controllers for PS5 and Xbox. Things to know before buying |

Controllers from Microsoft and Sony are quite standard in terms of shape and affordable add-ons. But both companies also offer customizable options, such as swapping out joysticks and adding buttons. However, the price is quite high. So before spending a fortune, consider when you really need it. This time we will try SonyPlayStation 5 (PS5)用「DualSense […]