Microsoft Launches Compact Mode for Xbox Application on Windows Handheld Devices: Improving Efficiency for Small Screen Operations

Microsoft Launches Compact Mode Xbox Application Update for Windows Handhelds Microsoft has recently rolled out an update for the Xbox application, catering to the growing Windows handheld market. The update includes a new Compact Mode, aimed at enhancing the user experience on devices with smaller touch screens. Compact Mode to Improve Efficiency With an increasing […]

Best PC Handheld Consoles of 2022: Gaming on the Go

Top Handheld Consoles for Gaming on the Go Gone are the days when AAA games were limited to computers and home consoles. Now, you can enjoy these high-quality games on the go with handheld devices like the Switch. XDA-Developers, a well-known foreign media outlet, recently compiled a list of the top five PC handheld consoles […]

Valve’s Steam Deck: A New Generation Console in the Works?

Valve Submits FCC Certification for Upcoming Steam Deck Upgrade In a recent discovery, Valve, the parent company of Steam Deck, has submitted certification documents for a new model. This suggests that an upgraded version of the popular handheld game console could be on the horizon, as reported by foreign media “The Verge.” According to the […]

Valve’s New Steam Deck Portable Game Console Receives Certification, Release Imminent

Valve’s Highly Anticipated Steam Deck Set to Launch Soon In what appears to be exciting news for gaming enthusiasts, Valve’s much-anticipated portable game console, the Steam Deck, may be hitting the market sooner than expected. The device recently received certification from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on August 13th, followed by clearance from the Korea […]

Valve Delays Release of Next-Generation Steam Deck for Performance Improvements

Valve Reveals Plans for Future Steam Deck Console Release Valve, the renowned game developer, has announced its intention to launch a new and improved version of its portable game console, Steam Deck. However, it seems that eager gamers will have to wait a bit longer for the anticipated release. According to IT media The Verge, […]

Valve Delays Release of New and Improved Steam Deck to 2025

Valve, the gaming company, has announced its plans to launch Steam Deck 2, a portable game console. However, it seems that a more powerful version of the console will not be available anytime soon. According to a report from IT media The Verge, Valve developer Pierre Loup Griffais stated that they aim to enhance the […]

Steam Deck Prices and Discounts: Limited Time Offer at KOMODO Steam Deck Store

Steam Deck Pricing and Availability The highly anticipated Steam Deck, a handheld gaming device by Valve, is now available for pre-order. Priced at 59,800 yen for the 64GB version, 79,800 yen for the 256GB version, and 99,800 yen for the top-of-the-line 512GB version, Steam Deck offers a range of options to suit gamers’ storage needs. […]

Valve Resolves MicroSD Recognition Issues in Steam Deck with Latest Update

Valve Addresses MicroSD Card Recognition Issues in Latest SteamOS Update Valve, the renowned gaming company, recently released SteamOS version 3.4.10, offering exciting new features for gamers. However, as users eagerly updated their systems, an unexpected problem arose regarding microSD card recognition. Reports flooded in about peculiar occurrences, with Steam Deck users finding their microSD cards […]

Lenovo Set to Shake Up the Handheld Gaming PC Market with New ‘Legion Go’ Product

Lenovo Ventures Into Handheld Gaming PC Market with ‘Legion Go’ In an exclusive report by Windows Central, it has been revealed that Lenovo is set to make its mark in the handheld gaming PC industry. The tech giant is currently developing a new product called ‘Legion Go’ specifically designed for this purpose. Although specific details […]