“Investment of 37 trillion won in Korea”…Ark Troops Encouragement Visit

◀ Anchor ▶ A summit between Korea and the United Arab Emirates was held in Abu Dhabi. The leaders of the two countries promised to cooperate, saying they would further upgrade the ‘special strategic partnership’, and promises were also made to invest large sums of money in Korean companies. Reporter Lee Jeong-eun reports from the […]

After the APEC summit ended, Zhang Zhongmou revealed the details of his interaction with Xi Jinping: he talked about these two things – Politics – Central News Agency

Chinese President Xi Jinping. (Photo/Central News Agency) The 2022 APEC Economic Leaders Meeting ended today. The outside world is worried about whether Taiwan’s leader Zhang Zhongmou had interacted with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Zhang Zhongmou said that he greeted each other in the lounge yesterday morning. He congratulated Xi Jinping on his 20th. National Congress […]