The Taliban said women should not take the entrance exam World | Deshabhimani

Islamabad The Taliban also banned women from taking university entrance exams in Afghanistan. She wrote letters to private universities asking them not to allow women admission. The new ban comes at a time when international agencies are intervening to lift the various bans imposed by the interim Taliban government on women in the country. There […]

Afghanistan bans women from taking exams – Taliban

Kabul ∙ The Taliban government has banned female Afghan students from writing university exams. The Ministry of Higher Education has written to the country’s private universities in this regard. The letter warns that if the women are admitted to the examination to be held next month, they will face strict legal action. Last month, the […]

Helping bring Taliban into the 21st century: United Nations for Muslim countries – Taliban United Nations Afghanistan | Manorama Online | Malayalam News

United Nations: The United Nations (UN) wants Muslim countries to help bring the Taliban from the 13th century into the 21st century. In every meeting with the leaders of the Taliban, they try their best to change their position against women and children in Afghanistan, said Amina Mohammed, former minister of Nigeria and currently Deputy […]

‘Women’s rights not a priority’: Taliban defends education ban

Taliban sources justify ban on women in universities and other educational institutions in Afghanistan. The Taliban representative responded that women’s rights are not a priority. The Taliban’s chief spokesman, Zabibullah Mujahid, said they operate in accordance with Islamic and Sharia laws and have placed restrictions on girls’ education accordingly. ” The country operates under Islamic-Sharia […]

Republicans want to investigate Afghanistan withdrawal

The withdrawal of American troops from Kabul becomes the subject of an investigation. Republicans in Congress are requesting documents from the State Department. Republicans in the US Congress have launched an investigation into the chaotic withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan. The new chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, […]

Taliban ban girls from studying; The boys boycotted the World | class Deshabhimani

Kabul Boys protest by boycotting classes against the Taliban’s ban on university education for girls in Afghanistan. The students warned that the boycott would continue if girls’ classes were not resumed. The campaign is also active on social media with the hashtag ‘She should learn’ against the ban. Several professors at Kabul University called on […]