To save the children of the country … Chinese company with strict restrictions | Technology News | Tech News | Malayalam Technology News

Tencent has announced stricter gaming restrictions for the winter holidays in China. This is in addition to the earlier restrictions. Chinese gaming company Tencent is implementing stricter new regulations for the four-week winter break. January 17 to February 15 is a holiday for students in China. However, children and adolescents are more likely to spend […]

This is a royal achievement! Apple chief gets Rs 733.19 crore salary, travel on his own plane | Apple | Tim Cook | Technology News | Technology News | Tech News | Malayalam Technology News

This achievement of royalty! Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook, who has become the world’s first company with a market value of $ 3 trillion, has been paid about $ 733.19 crore this year, including bonuses. The company’s board of directors had earlier asked Cook to fly on a private plane if he needed to do […]