Consumption, tourism, elections, support Thai stocks I am TNN know how to invest I 20-03-2020

Subsequent factors – consumption, tourism, elections support Thai stocks – refers to Thai stocks in the healthcare group Be a safe haven – TKN releases new products push income to grow in line with #Thai economy target Channel to follow station news TNN Channel 16 c/tnn16 / […]

DELTA buying pressure – major stocks support Thai stocks to recover, close +9.02 points. Brokers recommend keeping an eye on the Fed’s approach next week.

Thailand stocks recovered to close the market +9.02 points. Brokers indicate strong buying of DELTA stocks and large stocks to support and turn positive. Concerns about the banking crisis eased in the US and Europe after the government announced emergency measures to help. Looking at next week’s index frame moving in positive territory, assess the […]

ASPS picks 14 stocks worth picking up after strong price declines

Asia Plus Securities picks 14 stocks with good fundamentals worth picking up after deep price declines and profits past the breakeven point Assessing the performance trend for the 1st quarter of 2022, there is an opportunity to recover . Reflected by the lowest inflation in February in 13 months, supporting the SET Index to recover […]