“WHO amends coronavirus vaccination recommendations, no need for healthy children” Spreading news is misleading. Emphasis is placed on safety and efficacy

WHO’s revised in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and vaccination that has penetrated society and entered the phase of aiming to acquire herd immunityguidelines. The safety and efficacy of the vaccine are emphasized, and there is no statement that clearly states that “healthy children do not need it.” View Entire Post […]

The reason for the spread image tweet of “Insect grasshopper powder as raw material for fried shrimp” is unknown.What is “grasshopper mix powder” in the raw material display?

Tweets are spreading as if the “grasshopper mix powder” in the ingredient label of fried side dishes is derived from the insect grasshopper. However, the grasshopper mix powder is considered to refer to “batter mix powder” that is unrelated to insect grasshoppers. The tweet is “unfounded”. View Entire Post ›

“If humans eat crickets regularly, their bodies will go crazy.” Misinformation spread about eating insects “We don’t have the enzymes to digest them.”

Information such as “Humans do not have the enzyme to digest crickets, so if they eat crickets regularly, their bodies will go crazy,” is spreading. Certainly, crickets contain dietary fiber, a component that cannot be digested by human digestive enzymes. However, dietary fiber is contained not only in crickets but also in a wide range […]

Public comment on emergency contraceptives, breakdown of pros and cons will not be published?Last time, 92% “agree”, but pharmacy sales will be postponed

Public comments are being sought until January 31 regarding whether pharmacies can sell “emergency contraceptive pills (after pills)”. On January 26, a citizen’s group called “Emergency Contraceptive Drug Project at Pharmacies”, which is calling for commercialization, submitted a request to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, requesting that the results, including the approval or […]