Little tips, little things you should know before traveling abroad

1. Japan Tipping is normal in Japan. Means to be contemptuous. In all cases Even if friends give it Employees will run to return the money to us. except for special occasions For example, weddings, funerals will put money in a separate envelope. as a sign of gratitude 2. China Usually, large restaurants in China […]

[경제]New motorhome registrations increased 14 times in 10 years… The age group is also getting younger

Used car + camper car production cost including tuning fee 38 million won Remove seats and install storage cabinets and sinks Battery supplied electricity… Automatic charging while driving The campervan tuning market is growing rapidly during COVID-19 Opening foreign travel routes this year, slowing down following the economic recession [앵커] Motorhomes are increasing significantly as […]

[전국][단독] Even with organized fraud, ‘helpless’… even if you report it, it’s time

Using common fraudulent accounts for the same criminal schemes Second-hand transaction fraud involves ‘organized crime’ Account fraud cannot be stopped immediately Even if you report it, it can take more than 3 weeks to appoint an investigator. [앵커] Reports of rampant Internet ‘second-hand transaction fraud’ continue today. It is easy to think of second-hand trading […]