BETTER ENVIRONMENT: Another big city is introducing a ban on fossil fuel cars

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/10/2033b12d-dcfc-4a80-bb42-adae1ef0f181.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/10/2033b12d-dcfc-4a80-bb42-adae1ef0f181.jpg”,”caption”:”Foto: Volvo”,”bg”:”d6d4d9″] The Scandinavian countries have set the year 2025 as a turning point in the electrification of personal road transport. And while we are light years away from such a standard and drive more and more often in youngtimers, and quite often in oldtimers, in developed parts of Europe, especially in the north, electrification […]

Additional MTV decision from the Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court (AYM) decided on the application requested to cancel and suspend the enforcement of the regulation that provides for the collection of additional Motor Vehicles Tax (MTV). The Supreme Court decided to reject the application for the cancellation of the regulation requiring additional MTV.

Decreasing Monthly Users of ChatGPT Rebound as Student Usage Rises After Summer Break

New Analysis Shows Usage of ChatGPT on the Rise among Students Recent data suggests that the decline in monthly users of ‘ChatGPT’ over the past three months is being offset by an increasing number of students utilizing the platform following the summer break. Reuters, citing the analysis conducted by web traffic analysis company Similarweb, reported […]

Istanbulites beware! Some roads will be closed to traffic

In the race, which will be held with the cooperation of the Turkish Triathlon Federation and Beykoz Municipality, a thousand local and foreign triathletes will compete in the swimming, running and cycling categories on the Kanlıca, Küçüksu and FSM Bridges. Some roads remaining on the race route will be closed to traffic between 5.00-10.30 for […]

‘LITIJE’ FOR DODIKA: Traffic blockades announced tonight at FOUR LOCATIONS near the entity line

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/09/sa_15.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/09/sa_15.jpg”,”caption”:”Foto: Arhiva”,”bg”:”c3b59f”] After the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sarajevo Canton forbade the holding of peaceful protests “Serbia before the court” in Sarajevo, the Committee for the Protection of Serbs in the Federation invited citizens to come to the four locations inter-entity lines in order to express dissatisfaction with BiH. judiciary. They decided to stop […]

CSU politician calls for preventive detention for climate activists

In Munich, activists of the “Last Generation” obstruct traffic. The head of the CSU state group in the Bundestag is now calling for preventive detention for some activists. Alexander Dobrindt, head of the CSU state group in the Bundestag, sharply criticizes the blockades of the “last generation” in Munich. Dobrindt told the news portal t-online: […]

Seoul Transportation Corporation Introduces ‘Tagless’ Payment System for Subway Stations

Seoul Transportation Corporation Introduces ‘Tagless’ Payment System for Subway Stations Seoul Transportation Corporation announced on July 31st that it will be implementing a new payment system based on short-range wireless communication technology. This innovative system will allow commuters to conveniently board and disembark without the need for a transport card tag, using their mobile devices […]