US believes Putin still dreams of taking over most of Ukraine

US intelligence agencies say Russian President Vladimir Putin There are still thoughts of wanting to seize most of the entire Ukraine. Although their own forces used in combat on Ukrainian territory were weaker. Russia’s armed forces are steadily weakening. After the war in Ukraine That lasted more than four months, however, US intelligence agencies believe […]

US-Japan Defeat Dragons, join forces with five nations alliance Blue Pacific

Foreign media reports (June 27) Blue Pacific ‘Partners in the Blue Pacific’ (PBP) led by the United States. To counter China, it is a five-nation “unofficial mechanism” to support the Pacific islands and to promote diplomatic and economic ties in the region. Amid China’s aggressive push for influence in the Pacific, the United States and […]

“Chao Laem Sisaket” asks to continue fighting, even at the age of 35

movement The WBC Super Flyweight World Championship was held at the Tech Port Arena in San Antonio, Texas, USA on the morning of June 26, Thailand time.Chao Laem Sisaket” Sisaket Nakhon Luang Promotion Former Thai World Champion who go down to duel with the local fighting partner before against the speed of Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez […]

Iranian boat leaps against US warship; Conflict | Iran | USA

During the conflict between Iran and the US over the Tehran nuclear deal, concerns were raised that an Iranian Revolutionary Guard speedboat had slammed into a U.S. warship in the Strait of Hormuz and fired warning shots from the warship. One-fifth of the world’s oil trade is through the Strait of Hormuz. The Revolutionary Guard […]

“Misha Hancock” hastened to clarify after the drama in the Nations League 2022

become a drama issue after the raceNations League Women’s Volleyball 2022 In the 2nd week in Quezon City, Philippines “Thai National Team” enter the field to meet “USA National Team” with someone capturing the image while “Misha Hancock” (Micha Hancock) US Setter Raise your index finger to touch the temple area. which has Asian teammates […]

Week 3 live program “Volleyball Nations League 2022”

Follow the movement”women’s volleyball” Thai national team Done for field 2″women’s volleyball” Thai national team Make work, win 1, lose 3, have 4 points, still in the path to win the final Ready to continue in the 3rd week that will compete in Quezon City, Philippines. by the live program of the competition “Volleyball Nations […]

Live broadcast of women’s volleyball Nations League 2022 today, Thai national team duel USA

Follow the movement”women’s volleyball” Thai national team Arrived at the last field of the 2nd week by the programwomen’s volleyball live “Volleyball Nations League 2022” (FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League 2022) June 19, 2022, rubber ball hitter “Thai national team“Meet the number 1 team in the world like United States of America at 1:45 p.m. […]