Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios will officiate at St Mary’s Parish, Linden

Linden (New Jersey) ∙ Eastern Kandanad Bhadrashana of the Malankara Abhiwandya Syriac Orthodox Church Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan will preside over Holy Week services at St. Mary’s Orthodox Parish in Linden. Holy Week, or Hasha Week, is the last week of the Great Lent of the Orthodox Church. Beginning with Oshana Sunday, to commemorate […]

28 people were arrested in the attack on the Atlanta police station

Atlanta ∙ 28 protesters were taken into custody after an 85-acre (34 ha) site was burned, planned for the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center. More than 100 black-clad protesters stormed a proposed police and fire training center in Atlanta on Sunday, demanding that the site, described as the ‘lungs of Atlanta’, is an important green […]

New poll finds 42% of registered voters support Trump, 39% support Biden

WASHINGTON – A new poll by Reuters and Ipsos found that 42% of registered voters support Donald Trump and 39% support Joe Biden. But US President Biden rejected the result of this survey. Another question asked if any survey was predicting correctly these days. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the poll predicts 41% for DeSantis and […]

Florida Council Member Peter Joseph Filiberto was arrested

Florida ∙ Palm Bay City Council member Peter Joseph Filiberto was arrested by police on the evening of February 11. Police said he was arrested on charges of driving a motorcycle without a license, possession of an intoxicant and driving’ n reckless under the influence of alcohol. On the evening of February 11, an officer […]

Tire death in police brutality: ‘Scorpion’ unit disbanded | NRI

Washington ∙ The ‘Scorpion’ of the department was dismissed after Tire Nichols died in the middle of the road in the city of Tennessee, USA. All five officers charged in Nichols’ death are members of the Scorpion. ‎ ‘Scorpion’ stands for Crime Campaign to Restore Peace in Our Neighborhoods. The Scorpion unit consists of 50 […]

Kamala Harris says women are free to make decisions about their own bodies US News | NRI

Washington DC ∙ Vice President Kamala Harris said the US Constitution offers women complete freedom to make decisions about their own bodies. Kamala Harris said in a statement in solidarity with the participants of pro-abortion rallies organized in different parts of the country in connection with the 50th anniversary celebrations of Ro VS Wade on […]