Kamala Harris says women are free to make decisions about their own bodies US News | NRI

Washington DC ∙ Vice President Kamala Harris said the US Constitution offers women complete freedom to make decisions about their own bodies. Kamala Harris said in a statement in solidarity with the participants of pro-abortion rallies organized in different parts of the country in connection with the 50th anniversary celebrations of Ro VS Wade on […]

Texas Governor maintains White House ambitions | NRI

Austin ∙ At the beginning of each year on the opening day of the legislative session, state governors address both houses and deliver the State of the State address. This time in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott’s third term speech was the inauguration, according to tradition. Texas has not had a Democratic governor since 1991. Governor […]

Argument with teacher, six-year-old shot; What is happening in the United States? After Accused 6-Year-Old of School Shooting, Many Questions Raise US News

Houston ∙ Another school shooting shocked the United States. A six-year-old elementary school student in Virginia shot a teacher after an argument. Questions are being raised about what will happen to this young student who deliberately shot himself with a gun. Police say the violence was not accidental. Experts say it is rare for someone […]

Idaho Student Murders; Criminology student arrested US News | NRI

Idaho ∙ Brian Christopher, a criminology PhD student suspected of stabbing four students to death and injuring two others at the University of Idaho, has been arrested. <!– –> He was arrested Friday in Eastern Pennsylvania. In the November 13 murder, the accused had to face great criticism for failing to be apprehended.. Moscow Police […]

A doctor was killed by slitting his neck in the US NRI

Manhattan (New York) ∙ A 60-year-old pediatrician was found strangled to death in Marcus Garvey Park in Manhattan, New York. On Friday morning, December 23, the doctor was found unconscious near the stair case of the house. He was rushed to hospital, but died. He has served as a physician in various hospitals in New […]

reporting; Lauren Bobert won | USA News | NRI

Colorado ∙ The Colorado Secretary of State officially announced on December 12 that Republican candidate Lauren Bobert won by a wide margin when the recount for Colorado’s Third Congressional District US House was completed. Earlier, he got 50.06 percent of the votes, while the other candidate (Democrat) got 49.89 percent of the votes. Following this, […]

Report that Biden has a memory error; Confusion for Democrats | NRI

Houston ∙ Biden is the oldest president in US history. 82 by next election! Anyone can feel a little risk while listening. Especially in America. Biden is seeking a second term in a country of presidents who run and climb the stairs of an airplane. So, the Democrats are in total confusion. Interestingly, if anyone […]