Weak Inflows to US Stocks Signal Economic ‘Hard Landing’ – BofA – Bloomberg

Investors are buying European stocks at the fastest pace in almost a year. Meanwhile, inflows into US equities have been sluggish amid recession fears. A report from Bank of America (BofA) showed. European equity funds received $3.4 billion in inflows in the week ended Friday, according to the report, which strategists including Michael Hartnett cited […]

US PCE Core Price Index Slows Further, Boosting Rate Hike Expectations – Bloomberg

Last December, the US Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) price index, which excludes food and energy, fell further from a year earlier, recording the slowest growth in more than a year. Meanwhile, spending fell, fueling speculation that the Fed would slow the pace of rate hikes even further. Key Point The PCE core price index rose […]

[5 llyfr y bore yma]Handpicked news you want to read at work – Bloomberg

In the fourth quarter of last year (4th quarter) real US gross domestic product (GDP) slowed from the previous quarter, but growth exceeded market expectations. As a result, there is widespread speculation that the Fed still has a way to go to achieve a soft landing. But consumer spending was weaker than expected, suggesting recession […]

US GDP Slows as Fed Wants; Recession Risk Remains – Bloomberg

US economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2022 (October-December 2022) outperformed market expectations and slowed modestly as the Fed hopes to keep inflation under control without stifling growth. But economists who have dug into the details of the statistics also see enough warning signs to suggest that there is a significant risk of recession […]

US GDP grows 2.9% in October-December

Real US gross domestic product (GDP) figures for the first quarter of last year rose faster than expected. However, the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes risk slowing growth this year, and underlying demand is showing signs of slowing. Key Point Preliminary real GDP for October-December increased by 2.9% year-on-year compared to the previous quarter The median […]

US Stocks Not Pricing in Weak Data, Morgan Stanley’s Wilson Says – Bloomberg

Improving sentiment for US stocks is at odds with economic data and declining corporate earnings, argued Morgan Stanley strategist Michael Wilson. US equities’ Wilson pointed to a sharp drop in major indicators on Thursday. This will lead to a sharp drop in corporate profits, which will ultimately lead to a decline in US stocks, he […]