LISTEN NOW ADVICE: 5 drinks you should avoid if you suffer from high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be a dangerous condition that can lead to the development of serious diseases, and this is exactly the reason why you should check it regularly to avoid possible consequences. Avoiding certain habits is a good way to prevent and control blood pressure. Ten risk factors that we can influence are: elevated […]

Bollywood stars whose love broke because of their mother

The audience was impressed by the chemistry of the heroes and heroines on the silver screen. There is no less curiosity about their real-life love-marriage-divorce! Many star actors and actresses of Bollywood are involved in love affairs in their personal life; Some people get married, but many people’s love is broken in the middle. They […]

The mystery of language, what people first said

Language is one of the mediums of expression of mind. Exchange of thoughts, words are exchanged through language. Language is seen as an important aspect of evolution. This language has changed everything. Currently there are about six and a half thousand languages ​​in the world. When did our ancestors first learn to speak? Did the […]

Djokovic starts the new season with his 92nd crown – Sports –

Original title: Djokovic starts the new season with the 92nd crown China Sports News Reporter Ma Yiou He won the championship in the first show of the new year, tying Nadal for the 92nd career championship. In the Adelaide ATP competition that ended on January 8, the Serbian Djokovic, who returned to Australia, continued his […]

LaVine 41 points, Harden 17+11, Vucevic triple, Bulls beat 76ers – yqqlm

Original title: LaVine 41 points, Harden 17+11, Vucevic triple-double Bull Lectra 76ers On January 7, Beijing time, the NBA regular season, the 76ers played against the Bulls at home. In the end, the Bulls defeated the 76ers 126-112. In this game, 76ers center Embiid missed the game due to injury. Specific score: 35-30, 34-25, 40-29, […]

‘Diablo 4’ to be released in June next year, what kind of content is included?

The release date of ‘Diablo 4’, the latest in the ‘Diablo’ series, which is synonymous with action RPGs, has been confirmed as June 6 next year. Blizzard Entertainment announced that it will release ‘Diablo 4’ in June next year with cross-platform play and progress data synchronization support on PC, Xbox, and PS (PlayStation) series. ‘Diablo […]

Pazassiraja’s co-director Praveen Chandran Moodadi becomes the director; ‘Etam’ trailer

The trailer of ‘Etam’, scripted and directed by Praveen Chandran, co-director of MT-Hariharan Pazashiraja and Ejhamma Varav films, has been released through the Facebook page of Jayasuriya, Biju Menon, Lal Jose, Ramesh Pisharati, Ajay Vasudev and others. Actor Unni Mukundan cousin Siddharth Rajan, team director Anil-Babu daughter Babu Shravana TN, Prakash Barre, Harith, MG Roshan, […]