SURPRISING NEWS FROM MADRID: The player who was predicted to have a brilliant career refused to extend his contract with Real

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/ooof.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/ooof.jpg”,”caption”:”Foto: Agencije”,”bg”:”bbbaab”] Surprising news from Madrid. Marco Asensio will leave Real Madrid at the end of this season, according to Spanish media. The 27-year-old striker has been negotiating with Real since the beginning of the year to extend his contract, which expires in June. The club wanted him to stay, they offered him an extension, […]

What the actress said about the allegations of homosexuality

Indian model-actress Anjum Fakikh. He caught attention by acting in the serial ‘Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani’. Rumors have been flying for days that Anjum is gay. The rumor started around a few stills. Some pictures of Anjum with actress Shraddha Arya have gone viral on the net. It can be seen that Shraddha’s […]

VIDEO THAT SHOCKED MOSCOW: The exodus of Russians from Bahmut, they run headlong regardless, dead soldiers all around…

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/mskkvaa.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/mskkvaa.jpg”,”caption”:”Screenshot”,”bg”:”717161″] A video has appeared on social networks showing the humiliating retreat – or rather the flight – of Russian soldiers near Bahmut. This event happened on the same day that the Russian president Vladimir Putin staged another military parade for Victory Day, but with significantly reduced dimensions than usual due to the devastating losses […]

What the driver did by driving for 2 km without brakes

The brakes of the covered van were not working for a long time. The driver tries to stop the car in different ways. Pushing the road divider several times did not work. As a result, the assistant was signaling the nearby car drivers to move to a safe distance by waving his hand.

Everything is closed in the capital on Thursday

Markets and shops in certain areas are closed on each day of the week in the capital. Daily Bangladesh readers take a look at the areas and markets of the capital that will be closed on Thursday.

The areas and markets of Dhaka are closed today

Every day we have to go somewhere for office and necessary work. Some shopping malls in different areas are closed for half a day on Monday, while some markets and shops are completely closed. So it is important to know the weekly closing day of that area before going to the market. It does not […]

THIS IS RARELY SEEN: Watch the half-court goal and the big drama that kicked Arsenal out of Europe…

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/03/golcina_a.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/03/golcina_a.jpg”,”caption”:”Screenshot”,”bg”:”374627″] The football players of Sporting Lisbon knocked out the leading team of the English Premier League, Arsenal of London, with a better execution of kicks from 11 meters (5:3), after the score of 120 minutes of the game was 1:1. Arsenal already took the lead in the 19th minute with a goal by their […]

Everything is closed in the capital on Wednesday

Every day in Dhaka one has to go somewhere for various needs. Besides, he went somewhere for shopping and saw that the market or shopping mall was closed. Then the work is not done, rather the time is wasted. So, before going out, check that markets and shopping malls in some areas of the capital […]

LISTEN NOW ADVICE: 5 drinks you should avoid if you suffer from high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be a dangerous condition that can lead to the development of serious diseases, and this is exactly the reason why you should check it regularly to avoid possible consequences. Avoiding certain habits is a good way to prevent and control blood pressure. Ten risk factors that we can influence are: elevated […]

Bollywood stars whose love broke because of their mother

The audience was impressed by the chemistry of the heroes and heroines on the silver screen. There is no less curiosity about their real-life love-marriage-divorce! Many star actors and actresses of Bollywood are involved in love affairs in their personal life; Some people get married, but many people’s love is broken in the middle. They […]