Playing as a monster hunter, Blade Umbrella player from “Wild Heart” defeats 7 Freezing Beasts in 2 minutes without relying on mechs | 4 Gamers

Although the listing was criticized due to the optimization problem, the mechanical hunting gameplay brought by “Wild Hearts” is still loved by many players, but no matter how easy the mechanical is, players always achieved 0 excellent performance of organ hunting beasts. Japanese player Erystia recently uploaded the process of defeating the Frozen Piercing Beast […]

On the first day of Steam, most of the negative reviews of “Wild Heart” caused frequent frame drops and stuttering, but some people were happy playing “Fortnite” | 4 Gamers

EA’s new hunting and fighting game “Wild Hearts” (Wild Hearts) was released on the evening of February 16th. According to the regulations, Metacritic is temporarily unable to allow players to give ratings for these two days, but there is no such problem on the Steam platform. The game Most of the negative reviews were received […]

Japanese style x hunting bursts new flavor, “Wild Hearts Wild Heart” EA x Koei Tecmo ω‐Force collaboration behind the scenes

“Wild Hearts” (Wild Hearts), jointly developed by EA and Koei Tecmo, released the latest plot movie “Welcome to Minato” (Welcome to Minato) today (13), introducing the main characters in the village and more background.Koei Tecmo Development Team ω‐Police DirectorKotaro Hirata、Takuto Edagawasynchronously brings messages through access. This time, a total of four characters from “Minato Village” […]

A simple display of “WILD HEARTS”: an oriental fantasy hunting game different from “Monster Hunter”, using “Luozhen” to set up different organs to help hunt #EA Originals (183703)

Compared to “Monster Hunter”, although the hunting theme is the same, “WILD HEARTS” presents a different type of play, and at the same time, with strong oriental fantasy elements, this game is presented in a different face , in many Unique hunting themed games at work. It was previously decided to be created by EA […]

“WILD HEARTS” gameplay video was released.

Electronic Arts on Wednesday, October 5th,‘Wild hearts’gameplay video release. This work is with Electronic Arts,“Musou”Koei Tecmo Games’ in-house studio, known for the series‘Oh-Lots’(Omega Force) is a joint hunting action. Set in “Azuma no Kuni”, where human lives are taken away by beasts that have evolved in their own way, ancient technology“Karakuri”Picture the struggle of the […]

AAA Hunting Game HEART OF THE WILD Released Created by Koei Tecmo EA Originals Released February 17, 2023 Cross-Platform Launch #Omega Force (183175)

“WILD HEARTS” is published by “True. The production team of the Three Kingdoms Warriors Omega Force series, and distributed through EA’s EA Originals brand, is expected to provide English, Japanese, French, Italian, German and Spanish dubbing, and plans for PlayStation 5 platforms , Xbox Series X|S, and PC such as Origin, Steam and the Epic […]