Germans protest the government sending tanks to help Ukraine | 29 January ’23

Germans protest the government sending tanks to help Ukraine. . Yesterday (28 January 23), Germans in Berlin Hundreds of people came out to protest. Dissatisfied with the German government’s approval of the delivery of Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, protesters saw it as making the war deeper and wider. . while the Ukrainian […]

Satellite imagery reveals heavy damage “Bakmut-Soliadar” | 12 Jan. ’23

satellite imagery reveals “Bakmut-Soliadar” was heavily damaged. Maxar Technology United States satellite image service company Revealed a bird’s eye view of Soliadar and Bagmut. The building was destroyed by the attack and left in ruins. . Ukraine has confirmed and released video evidence that the Ukrainian army remains active in the area. And the battle […]

A Russian mercenary group reveals the Captured City of Soliadar | 11 January ’23

A Russian mercenary group reveals that the city of Soliadar has been captured. . Now many factions pay attention to Soliadar City. A small town in Donetsk Oblast. in the eastern part of Ukraine The Ukrainian and Russian sides have been fighting fiercely for weeks. . However, Western governments and the media are reporting in […]

Pakistan’s Economic Crisis Wheat Flour Shortage Stampedes and Disorganized Different Part of Pakistan | Pakistan Economic Crisis : 150 rupees per kg of wheat; Pakistan’s economic crisis is very serious

Islamabad: In Pakistan, where the economic crisis is severe, the availability of essential commodities is low in different provinces. With the economic crisis, the prices of essential commodities such as hoarding and wheat have risen dramatically. 150 per kg of wheat. This is the highest price ever recorded for wheat in Pakistan. Following this, there […]

Putin orders a temporary ceasefire Let the NACC celebrate Orthodox Christmas | 6 January ’23

Putin orders a temporary ceasefire Let the NACC celebrate Orthodox Christmas . Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a 36-hour ceasefire, marking Orthodox Christmas celebrations for citizens of Russia and Ukraine. which is an important festival of Orthodox Christianity The most revered Russian sect . Declaration of this truce came after President Putin received advice […]

Celine Dion announces she suffers from “stiff person syndrome”

The queen of music Celine Dion (Celine Dion) announced on December 8 that she suffers from the rare disease “Syndrome Stiff Person” (Syndrome Stiff Person) Courage World Tour reopened. He pointed out that the disease only affects about one in a million people. Celine Dion, 54, posted a video on Instagram on December 8. She […]