Blizzard’s ‘Diablo 4’ Webtoon Bore for Burger King… joint marketing

Blizzard announced various cooperation marketing in accordance with the official release of ‘Diablo 4’ on the 6th of next month. From the first webtoon collaboration with bestselling author Cho Seok, to popular brands such as Burger King and fashion brand Exlim, Diablo 4’s intellectual property (IP) is grafted. It also plans to introduce unique weapons […]

New designation of national high-tech strategic technology ‘Bio’… Government expansion review, nuclear power plant, defense industry, etc.

The government has designated ‘Bio’ as a new national high-tech strategic technology. It plans to secure a large gap in the global market by nurturing it as four core technologies along with semiconductors, displays, and secondary batteries. A plan to extend the scope of national high-tech strategic technologies to nuclear power stations and the defense […]

Launch of ‘K-Design Jump Forum’…the goal of globalizing design

Public and private experts put their heads together for the future innovation and globalization of the Korean design industry. Although the quantitative scale, such as the number of businesses and employees, has increased, it has to overcome qualitative growth limitations, such as limited sales focused on the domestic market. Breathe new life into K-Design through […]

(Video) Draft Kings Up 120% This Year… “More Up”

[이데일리 유재희 기자] The share price of Draft Kings (DKNG), an online casino and sports betting platform operator in the US, has soared 120% this year, and is expected to rise further. This is because the growth potential is great depending on the penetration of new markets. According to American economic media outlets CNBC and […]

Korean HRD’s stupid mistake… Answer sheets ripped for 609 test takers

In the first written practical test of regular engineer and industrial engineer 2023 conducted by the Korean Human Resource Development Service on the 23rd of last month, a situation occurred where the answer sheets of 609 people were torn before scoring. Eo Soo-bong, chairman of the Korean Human Resources Development Service, announced on the 23rd, […]

‘Tourism No. 1’ Myeong-dong commercial district revives… Retailers ‘speed up’ targeting foreign tourists

” style=”cursor:pointer;” itemprop=”image”/>< 명동 찾은 foreign tourists > The commercial district of Myeongdong is reviving. After the endemic transition, consumption increases rapidly, especially among foreign tourists. The distribution industry has begun to target demand by using various marketing methods such as exclusive pop-up stores and experiential events. According to the Korea Tourism Data Laboratory on […]