Samuel celebrates ‘disappearance’ of Fox in X: ‘it made people sad’

03 MIN 00 SEG Roberto Jimenez Guadalajara, Mexico (November 28, 2023) .-8:22 p.m. Samuel García during his visit to El Castillo de Tequila, a distillery located in the Municipality of El Arenal, Jalisco. Credit: Renee Pérez Samuel Garciapresidential candidate of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC), celebrated the elimination of the former President’s X account Vicente Fox Quesada, […]

X (Twitter) to Re-Display News Article Headlines in User Feeds

Social Media Giant X to Reintroduce Headlines in User Feeds By Digital Today AI Reporter Twitter, a leading social media platform, has announced that it will once again display post headlines containing the URL of news articles in user feeds. This decision comes after a previous move to remove headlines from such posts, which was […]

Porsche Design Eyewear: For Winter 2023/2024 Now Available in Thailand

Eyelink Vision Co, Ltd to Launch PORSCHE DESIGN EYEWEAR: FOR WINTER 2023/2024 Collection Eyelink Vision Co, Ltd has announced its partnership with DE RIGO Co, Ltd, a leading manufacturer and distributor of Porsche Design Eyewear, to unveil the latest collection inspired by the luxury sports car Porsche. The collection is set to be launched at […]

Elon Musk’s Comments Spur Major Companies to Halt Advertising on Social Media Platform X

Famous Companies Withdraw Advertising from Social Media Platform X Amidst Concerns Major corporations such as Apple, Disney, and Warner Bros. have made the decision to halt their advertising on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. This move follows concerns about the platform’s content and the actions of its CEO, Elon Musk. According […]

XL8 Receives Approval for Paper on Methodology for Improving Real-Time Translation Performance at EMNLP Conference

XL8 AI Translation Startup Receives Approval for Methodology at EMNLP Conference By Money Today Reporter Ko Seok-yong | 2023.11.15 19:30 About the Startup XL8, an artificial intelligence machine translation startup that specializes in spoken language, has recently received approval for a paper on its methodology for improving real-time translation performance at ‘EMNLP’, an international conference […]

X (Twitter) Ends Circle Function Following Frequent Errors and Speculations of Paid Reintroduction

X (formerly known as Twitter) has officially ended its Circle function. Circle was a feature that allowed users to share posts exclusively with designated followers, creating a more personalized social media experience. The reason for its discontinuation remains unclear, although a similar error occurred in April, which X acknowledged and apologized for. Additionally, systematic errors […]

Exploring the Membership Tiers and Costs of a Social Media Platform

Monthly membership fees on the platform range from NT$ 91.88 to NT$ 450, as discovered by some netizens. Basic membership offers additional posting functions such as subsequent modifications, longer content, and the ability to delete posts. Basic members also receive services like background video playback, video downloads, and encrypted private messages. The monthly fee for […]