Announcing two Nendoroids of the Metroidvania Masterpiece “Hollow Knight” « doope!

At the Wonder Hobby Gallery 2023 SPRING held over the weekend, Good Smile Company unveiled a variety of new products and prototypes of previously announced works, and will release Nendoroids that reproduce the Wanderer and Hornet from the Metroidvania masterpiece “Hollow Knight” It became clear. Currently, the release date of the Nendoroid “Hollow Knight” is […]

Speed ​​Freeks” officially announced, alpha has also implemented « doope!

In the exhibition “Warhammer Skulls Showcase 2023” broadcast early today, Caged Element’s new work “Warhammer 40,000: Speed ​​Freeks” was announced, which worked on the fighting racing game “GRIP”, and will run at speed in a violent game . Ork Vehicle It has become clear that the development of a new combat racing game is underway. […]

Enad Global 7 announces the closure of “Antimatter Games”, the company responsible for the latest work in the popular tactical shooter series “IGI Origins” « doope!

Yesterday, Enad Global 7 issued a press release announcing that it is a British developer known for collaborating in the development of the “Rising Storm” and “Killing Floor” series, and is working on the latest tactical shooter series ” IGI Origins”, which is coming back after 20 years. It has become clear that the procedure […]

Fight Forever” is released on June 29, 2023 « doope!

“AEW: Fight Forever” was announced in November 2020 as a video game work of All Elite Wrestling, developed by Yuke’s, who has worked on several WWE 2K series. Officially announced on June 29, 2023, it was revealed that there are overseas launches for PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, […]

“Street Fighter 6” Emergency Support Open Beta Test Completed – GAME WATCH

Capcom has announced that emergency maintenance for the open beta test of the fighting game “Street Fighter 6”, which has been running since 16:00 on May 19, has been completed. This maintenance will allow you to play ranked games and casual games on “BATTLE HUB” from 17:45, but due to server load, competitive content in […]