Taiwan stocks fell below the National Security Fund’s support price threshold, and the Taiwan dollar fell 3.72 points in a single week |

Taiwan stocks closed today and fell below the National Security Fund’s July 13 starting point of 14,194 points, and will fall into a “Wan 4” guard battle next week. The New Taiwan dollar exchange rate also continued to depreciate. It ended at 31.665 yuan, down 4.9 cents. It depreciated 3.72 cents in one week, and depreciated by more than 3 cents in one week even in four weeks. the amount was 1.094 billion US dollars.

Taiwan stocks fell 166 points today, closing at 14,118 points. Foreign capital sold more than 14.05 billion yuan again. It is feared that it will be supported by 13928 points before the backtest.

After the US dollar index reached a 20-year high of 111, it still cannot look back, and the highest is 112, which means that non-US currencies cannot stop their depreciation, the exchange rate plunged RMB, both offshore and onshore exchange rates fell below 7.1, the Korean won the lowest fell to 1411.58. Although the Yen had government intervention, it bounced back once to the 141 prefix, but eventually declined and saw the 142 prefix again.

In the Taiwan dollar part, the New Taiwan dollar exchange rate once depreciated below 31.7 yuan this afternoon, and it also announced that the New Taiwan dollar exchange rate against the US dollar has depreciated more than 4 yuan in intraday trading since then. beginning of this year. Although the decline converged in late trading, it fell 4.9 cents at the end to close at 31.665 yuan, a depreciation of 1.19% this week, and has stood above 31 yuan for two consecutive weeks.

Weekly chart of the New Taiwan dollar against the US dollar. (Photo: Juheng.com)

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