Tajikistan dart 26, fighting the King’s Cup

Tajikistan announces player names with shirt numbers for the 48th King’s Cup in Chiang Mai.

Petar Zircht, head coach of the Tajikistan national team, revealed the names and numbers of the 22 players in the kits for the 48th King’s Cup in Chiang Mai as follows:

1. Rastam Yatimov, goalkeeper
2. Zoir Duraraboev, defender
3. Tabrez Islomov, defender
4. Ziovuch Asrorov, defender
5. Manucher Zafarov, defender
6. Wahdat Hanonov, defender
8. Midfielder Amirbeck Juraboev
9. Rastam Soyrov, Forward
10. Komron Turzunov, Forward
11. Muhammad Jon Raheemoff Midfielder
12. Mehrubon Karimov, defender
13. Midfielder Amadoni Kamolov
15. Midfielder Cervoni Mabatshoev
16. Shoruk Kyrgyzboev, goalkeeper
17. Ehsoni Panchanbe midfielder
19. Akhtam Nazarov, defender
20. Alijon Caromat, defender
22. Shahrom Zamiev, On
23. Mukhridin Kazanov, Goalkeeper
24. Daler Imomnazarov Midfielder
25. Nuriddin Kamrokulov, Forward
26. Midfielder Pafis Bakiakhunov

For Tajikistan will play in the 48th King’s Cup at the Chiang Mai 700 Anniversary Stadium, the first match against Trinidad and Tobago on September 22, 2022 at 5:30 pm live on AIS Play.

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