The British people are crying out; May the monarchy be equal The British people say Let the monarchy end

Until the first quarter of the 20th century, a quarter of the world’s land area was controlled by the British Empire, known as the ‘Empire on which the sun never set’. With the loss of supremacy and the emergence of new powers as a result of the world wars, their luster faded, but they remained a nation that was able to influence decisively in the economic and military fields. This influence is also shown by the mournful songs that followed the death of the queen, the matriarch of the empire, even from countries that had been deprived of all freedom and had been made into slave colonies. But when Queen Elizabeth dies after a long reign of seven decades, the country’s patriots clamor to bury the monarchy itself.

In Britain, centuries ago, there were large-scale protests and armed uprisings involving tens of thousands participating in the defense of civil liberties and democratic rights. As a result of them, democracy and parliament even came into being. The demand to end the monarchy has already started to grow here. As preparations for the Queen’s last rites were completed, large and small protests spread across the country. On what basis was his son Charles proclaimed king after the Queen’s death? The international media released pictures of protesters asking if he is a king without popular consent. The campaign to end the monarchy and introduce a system where an elected president becomes the head of state as in other democracies is also gaining strength.

There is no shortage of royal police devotion. Pictures of police arresting and manhandling protesters have emerged. A 22-year-old man was arrested and taken away after trying to stop Prince Andrew in Edinburgh, Scotland. This arrest also led to a strengthening of the protest. The footage of the protesting young woman holding a placard saying ‘Charles is not my king’ got a lot of attention.

There is also a demand to end this system in other countries where the Queen/King of Britain is the head of state. This was also discussed in the Australian Parliament.

At the time of Queen Elizabeth’s death, in an obituary written by the leading British newspaper ‘The Guardian’, it was stated – “A monarchy built on the strength of traditionally accepted special powers is not suitable for modern times. So it is” n enough to accept that the monarchy must change in Britain, which is a country that changes and changes.”

Socialists, Communists and the left wing of the Labor Party had already demanded an end to the monarchy. A republican movement aimed at ending the monarchy is also gaining strength in Britain. Irish socialist and trade union leader James Connolly’s widespread observation in 1911 that the monarchy was a relic of evil aristocracy and a monument to power and plunder is widely debated today.

The newly crowned King Charles III is Britain’s richest individual. Charles owns 1,35,000 acres of land in 23 countries. Queen Elizabeth’s personal wealth is 340 million pounds. The “Paradise Papers” revealed information about corporate entities and huge investments run by the British monarch and members of her family. Corporate companies such as Apple and Nike have invested heavily in the Cayman Islands under fictitious company addresses. It also contained information about the large investments made by the British royal family.

The British royal family has a management system that works with global banks, professional organizations and publishing agencies. The capital of the monarchy is the wealth accumulated through the slave trade and colonial violence since the 17th century. It is a large corporate entity with huge investments. The royal family has a huge collection of gold including the Kohinoor gem.

The British people are generally politically enlightened and educated. Therefore, the rulers cannot pretend that they did not see the protest against the monarchy in the UK without justification. All parties except the Conservative Party (Tory) in Britain are against monarchy in principle and believe that a republican constitution is needed. So, if not today, then tomorrow, the people’s agitation against the monarchy will be successful.

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