The cafe that BTS RM went to… “It’s more amazing than the disaster relief fund”

Photo = BTS RM Instagram, Big Hit Music

[이데일리 박지혜 기자] The ‘hero story’ of a cafe president visited by RM, a member of the group BTS, is a hot topic online.

A netizen who runs a cafe in Nowon-gu, Seoul posted on Instagram on the 13th a post that began with “Mr. RM”.

He said, “You went to the rain yesterday. Your seat is now waiting for me to take a picture too. The words I heard the most today were questions about the coffee you drank.”

He continued, “I heard from ㅇㅇ (cafe employee) your upbringing that Christmas blending goes well with Christmas. We are snobs,” he added.

Then, referring to the BTS fan club ‘Army’, he said, “He has very good manners. Even how much you spend is more amazing than the disaster relief fund.”

He also said, “Thanks to you, Rain was in the military today.” The military base seems to be pointing to the army.

RM posted a picture of himself on a snowy night in the background and enjoying coffee and biscuits at a cafe on Instagram the day before. On the 10th, he drew attention by revealing his visit to the Uijeongbu Art Library in Gyeonggi-do.

In this way, the places BTS members went to will soon become a ‘sanctuary’.

Recently, as Jimin’s authentication shot after his trip to Jeju became a hot topic, interest in the tourist spots he visited has also increased.

During his personal vacation last month, Jimin took a photo at a photo zone on Nuwemaru Street in Jeju and posted it on Instagram. After that, the fans found the same place and left a verification shot.

In response, the Jeju Pavilion Corporation extended the duration of the Nuwemaru Street photo zone and extended the operation.



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