Home News The Department of Irrigation plans to drain water from the low-lying areas of the Chao Phraya River from Nov 1.

The Department of Irrigation plans to drain water from the low-lying areas of the Chao Phraya River from Nov 1.

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The Department of Irrigation plans to drain water from the low-lying areas of the Chao Phraya River from Nov 1.

Mr. Prapit Chanma, director-general of the Royal Irrigation Department, revealed that at present, the amount of water in the north that flows from the upper part of the Chao Phraya-Pa Sak River Basin steadily decreasing daily Despite the rain in many areas but does not result in an increase in water level Causing the water level in the Chao Phraya River and the lower Pa Sak River to gradually drop below the banks at several points The morning of October 31 at Wat Nam Tha Station C.2, Mueang Nakhon Sawan District The amount of water flowing through 2,277 cubic meters (cu.m.)/sec. before flowing into the Chao Phraya Dam, Chainat Province, with the amount of water flowing down to 2,299 cubic meters per second, causing the water level at the back of the Chao Phraya Dam to gradually decrease continuously. causing the water level flowing through the area of ​​Bang Sai District which is a point to watch out for the runoff before flowing into Bangkok and the volume of counties decreased to 2,890 cubic meters/second, the trend continued to decline

Mr. Praphit said that while on the side of the Pa Sak Basin Pa Sak Jolasid Dam Reduce drainage to 350 cubic meters/second, making the area at the back of the Pa Sak Dam The water level has decreased from October 30, as follows: Phatthana Nikhom District, Lop Buri Province, the water level has dropped 41 centimeters (cm), Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province, the water level has decreased 46 cm. Mueang Saraburi District, the water level Decreased 38 cm (3.16 meters below the bank), Tha Ruea District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, the water level decreased by 30 cm (1.85 meters below the bank).

Mr. Praphit said As for the Rama 6 Dam, the amount of water flow through it has been reduced to 283 cubic meters/sec, along with adjusting the water intake to the Rapipat Canal according to the potential of the canal. without causing any impact on the people who live along the canal to reduce the amount of water that will flow into Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province The Department has used irrigation systems on both sides in the lower area. Accelerate the drainage into the sea as quickly as possible. including the use of the Khlong Lat Pho floodgates due to the royal initiative Accelerate the drainage of water during the low seas as well.

Mr. Prapit also said that For the drainage from the Chao Phraya Lowland Area, the Department has worked with all relevant sectors. Plan to gradually drain water from the fields. It will start from Thung Bang Rakam, Phitsanulok Province first. The water will be drained from November 1, while the lower lowlands will gradually drain from November 10, 2021. Some water will remain in the fields. allowing farmers to continue cultivating crops during the dry season As for the water that is drained from that field The irrigation system will be used to drain water into the main river. before discharging into the sea respectively

Mr. Praphit said, however, the Department still had to closely monitor the rain situation during this period. because the Meteorological Department It is forecast that during October 30 – November 1, another high pressure area or cold air mass from China will extend to cover the upper Northeast and the South China Sea. causing a northeasterly wind and a prevailing wind that prevailed over Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand. causing Thailand to still have thunderstorms occurring during this period. with some heavy rain in the south which has ordered irrigation projects in the south Get ready for heavy rain Therefore, people are asked to closely monitor the weather and water situation from government agencies. If people need help, they can contact the irrigation project near their home. or call the hotline 1460 at any time

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