The Genome Center at Rama Hospital opens the results of a random test for ‘COVID’ near the end of the game.

Rama Hospital Genome Center reveals random samples found ‘Omicron’ more than ‘Delta’ in Bangkok ‘Covid’ near the end of the game, becoming an endemic disease like a flu

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On 17 Jan. 65 Post pictures and messages via Facebook page. ‘Center for Medical Genomics’ that Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Update 17/1/2565

Medical Genome Center Tested for the 2019 corona virus strain from government and private hospitals in Bangkok and surrounding provinces between 3-16 January 65. Omikron 97.1% (69/71) Delta 2.8% (2/71)
A random sample from the prison Delta 100% (30/30)

which means in Bangkok Excluding prisons, “Omicron” would have replaced “delta” almost entirely, “Twindemic,” or infecting two species between “Omicron” and “Delta” simultaneously for a short period of time. It’s over

Soon, “Omicron” will spread throughout the country. Soon it will be as Dr. Anthony Fauci Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases A key expert on the US government’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic has warned that “most everyone will eventually contract Omicron.”

Then both the immunity from the vaccine and from the natural infection will skyrocket. Reduce the severity of COVID-19 and reduce the mortality rate rapidly This phenomenon is evident from the new cases and deaths worldwide from “Omicron”

New cases in South Africa have dropped to normal. while the death toll was not much. There is a large population of natural viral infections.

The number of new cases in the UK has continued to decline. while the death toll was not much. Britain uses viral vaccines as vectors and the booster needle is a genetic material (mRNA) vaccine.

New infections in America Experts expect it to reach its peak in the next 1-2 weeks while the casualties are few. The US uses the mRNA vaccine as the first two lead vaccines. and used as a stimulant as well

Neighboring countries that border Thailand including Iran with a high rate of natural infection brought before Before receiving the lethal vaccine and switched to receive vaccines that use virus-borne and/or mRNA vaccines as boosters. found to be very effective There are new cases of Omikron infections and low deaths.

Thailand has few natural infections. received a lethal vaccine and switched to receive vaccines that use virus-borne and/or mRNA vaccines as boosters. good results as well Despite seeing an increase in new infections from Omikron, the death toll continues to decline.

If this continues, the 2019 coronavirus will end the game and become endemic like the flu. which comes seasonal with approximately 0.1 percent of the deaths.



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