The Japanese government certified “January 31” as the anniversary of “FINAL FANTASY VII” producer Yoshihide Kitase’s certificate | udn Game Corner

Photo / FINAL FANTASY VII Official Twitter

Today is the original “FINAL FANTASY VII” released in Japandaydeveloper Square Enix formally submitted a request to the Japanese government and was approved, officially registering January 31 as “FF7 Anniversary”.

On the official Twitter of “FINAL FANTASY VII”, SE producer Yoshino Kitase appeared in an official post, holding the “FF7 Anniversary” registration certificate. In addition to the certificate, you can also see the signature monster of the game and the two main characters of Cloud and Sephiroth. Fans are very excited when they see the post.

Fans have said that “FINAL FANTASY VII” is a game they have played since they were young. After making the game’s release date a certified anniversary by the government, it is believed that more people will know the this cross-generational game.

In addition to the original version of “FINAL FANTASY VII”, which has always had a lot of discussion, the remake of “FINAL FANTASY VII” has also sold well after its release. The second part of the “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth” remake is scheduled to be released in the winter of 2023. The whole “Final Fantasy VII” remake project is expected to end in a trilogy.

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