The memorial service for the late President Jiang Zemin was held on the 6th… arrived in beijing

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A memorial service, similar to the funeral of the late former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, who died on the 30th of last month, will be held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing at 10:00am on the 6th.

The Funeral Committee of former President Jang made this announcement through ‘Announcement No. 2’ issued on the 1st, and during the commemoration time of the memorial ceremony, all citizens observed three minutes of silence, honing their horns for three minutes where however possible, and air defense warning is made to sound for 3 minutes.

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The memorial service will be broadcast live, and each region and department must organize a large number of party members, cadres and the public to watch or listen. On the day of the memorial ceremony, throughout the country, foreign diplomatic missions such as embassies and consulates, and other foreign organizations raise flags and ban public entertainment activities for a day.

Regarding the funeral process, the Funeral Commission, chaired by President Xi Jinping, said that it “considers the special achievements of Comrade Jiang Zemin in the historical development of the Party and the country, and takes into account the common aspirations of the entire Party, the a whole army, and people of every nation throughout the land.” The funeral committee added that it does not hold a separate funeral ceremony.

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Meanwhile, the body of the deceased was transported from Shanghai to Beijing by private plane.

At Beijing Xijiao Airport, where the plane arrived, President Xi Jinping and his wife, Premier Li Keqiang, and members of the party’s Central Political Bureau Standing Committee Li Chang, Ding Xuexiang, and Li Shi, and leading figures greeted others Zhang, who has returned as a dead body.

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