The power never stops!! Moo Pak Nam Prab Williams breaks the ropes at the World Grand Prix

“Moo Paknam” Noppon Saengkham showed his spirited form, beating Mark Williams, a former three-time world champion from Wales, 5-3 in the semi-final. The 2023 World Snooker Grand Prix in England

World Snooker Grand Prix 2023 In the city of Cheltenham, England, on Thursday night, January 19, the competition is the last 8 rounds, racing system 5 in 9 frames. “Moo Pak Nam” Nopphon Saengkham The world number 33 snooker player from Thailand competes with him Mark Williams The 47-year-old veteran is seventh in the world from Wales.

In the first and second rounds, Moo Pak Nam made a surprise by beating two of the world’s best players, Mark Selby and Ronnie O’Sullivan, subverting expectations and in this round, the queer Thai 30-year- age continues to get off to a good start Winning first in the first 2 frames 93-0, 70-0

However, Mark Williams, who is a three-time world champion in 2000, 2003 and 2018, is not giving up easily. Can win some in the next 2 frames 81-38, 90-34 according to the 2-2 frame contest

Later, the 5th frame, Nopphon won 79-0, took a 3-2 frame lead, but Williams came back in the 6th frame with a score of 70-41 and equalized again in a 3-3 frame.

“Moo Pak Nam” then accelerated the machine to win 2 frames in a row 72-25, 78-67, allowing the young marksman from Samut Prakan to close out the match with a 5-3 frame win, reaching the semi-finals or the last 4 rounds to wait Meet the winner between Mark Allen and Jack Lisowski. In the semi-final, the system will compete in 6 in 11 frames, a contest with precision on Friday night, January 20, broadcast live on the channel. Real Sports 3 , Real Sport 7

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