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The reputation of the new version of “Dragon Babu” is worrying. Doesn’t the audience like to watch martial arts this year? _Sina News

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Original title: The reputation of the new version of “Dragon Babu” is worrying. Does this audience not like to watch martial arts?

Chinanews client, Beijing, August 20th (Reporter Shangguanyun) Recently, “The Eight Parts of the Dragon” starring Yang Youning and other actors was broadcast, which triggered a wave of discussion. As of press time, its Douban score is 3.4 points.

Martial arts dramas are the childhood memories of many post-80s and even post-90s generations, and they are also the “bonanza” of film and television drama remakes. However, there are many remakes, and the audience response is not much. Nowadays, is it because people don’t like to watch martial arts dramas?

  The new version of “Dragon Babu” has a worrisome reputation

The recently aired martial arts drama “Ba Bu of Heaven and Dragon”, adapted from Jin Yong’s classic novel of the same name, has aroused various discussions since its inception. Some people feel that the plot has a tight rhythm and is worth chasing after the drama; others feel that there are many things that can be improved.

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For example, Fu Huadao: Duan Yu wears ear studs and thick bangs, while Mu Wanqing’s head looks like a saddle, and some plays. Some netizens believe that martial arts lack new ideas, and slow motion is a bit too much.

The line style is also not uniform. There are not only words such as “foreign son”, but also some actors who say quite modern words like “what’s the situation?”

As for the characters, there are comments that almost all the main characters appear in the first episode, but Duan Yu’s acting skills are slightly exaggerated. Xu Zhu appears to be very shrewd and capable, and some other characters don’t seem to fit the original work very well.

And the audience couldn’t help but complain, “Can you stop destroying the classics?”

  People don’t like to watch martial arts dramas?

Not only “Dragon Babu”, remakes of classic martial arts IP have been common in recent years, but not many have gained good reputation. Some time ago, Zhang Yishan’s version of “The Deer and Ding Ji” also encountered bad reviews after it was broadcast.

Regarding Wei Xiaobao’s staring eyes and large-scale physical movements in the play, some netizens felt that Wei Xiaobao in the play was too greasy. The whole play is not too sophisticated in production, and there is a door plaque of “Ao Mansion” hanging at the door of Ao Bai’s house…

“Deer and Ding Ji” poster

Zhang Yishan responded in an interview with the media that the style of this version of “The Deer and the Tripod” has gone to cartoons and comics, and there may be some changes in the way of performance, sometimes a little more freehand, not so landing, these are creative techniques, human and human. It must respect the original work. I hope to bring something new to the audience and let the audience love to watch it.

In addition, there are also some martial arts dramas such as the previous new version of “Swordsman”, etc., after the broadcast, there was not much splash.

The above situation has caused many netizens to sigh: Did they lose their minds when shooting, or people no longer love watching martial arts dramas?

  The martial arts drama “Jiang Hu” drifting away

For older audiences, martial arts dramas were once indelible childhood memories. Regardless of the early Hong Kong dramas or the CCTV version, martial arts dramas actually have a good degree of attention.

However, surrounded by various types of cool dramas, the popularity of martial arts themes seems to be gradually declining. There are also views that the rapid rise of fantasy IP dramas and heroine dramas has hurt the vitality of martial arts.

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Indeed, martial arts dramas often have their own story logic and advancement methods. Generally, they do not emphasize plot reversal and eventually achieve counterattacks like Shuang drama, and the narrative rhythm is relatively slow. Moreover, the classic martial arts IP remake is more difficult to create new ones.

One netizen shared his experience of watching dramas in this way, “When I was young, my parents were greatly influenced. People of their generation loved to watch Jin Yong’s novels. In addition, those years were the golden age of television, and martial arts dramas were widely spread as a culture.”

“Martial arts dramas have their own internal logic and spiritual world. Shuangwen and cool dramas are popular at the moment. People may be more used to fast-paced plots and feel more relaxed when watching them. In addition, some remakes are of average quality and no one likes to watch them. “The netizen said.

In fact, looking at the martial arts dramas with good reputation in the past, the handling of character selection, plot adaptation, contradictions and conflicts are often remarkable. Some martial arts dramas are not popular, I am afraid we still have to consider our own problems.

The success of a play depends on the quality of the work itself. There is no problem with the remake of a martial arts drama. For the main creator, how to improve the quality of a drama from aspects such as story adaptation and character image shaping is an issue that always needs to be paid attention to. (End)

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