The story of the parent fox and the last child on earth “End Ring – Extinction Forever” Nominated for “The Game Awards 2022”

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◆ (Incorporated public interest foundation) Donate part of the sales to the Japan Nature Conservation Society
Donate a portion of sales to the Japan Nature Conservation Society to support activities to protect nature and protect endangered species, and to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

■ Overview of “End Ring – Extinction Forever”
An adventure game depicting the extreme journey of a fox parent and a child who is the last to survive on earth.
In a world where the destruction of nature and environmental pollution has developed because of humans, the mother fox protects her children and travels in search of a peaceful place to live.


Survive in a destructive world full of danger
The stage is a harsh world where human environmental destruction has progressed. A family of foxes travels to various places, such as deep forests where nature spreads and areas where humans live. Danger awaits wherever you go: hunters, ferocious wild animals, natural threats such as fallen trees and fires, and fire traps. Dig a hole, divert, or hide and act to avoid it.

Use your sense of smell
Mother foxes can smell food for their hungry cubs. When baby foxes are kidnapped, they search for their location by scent. In addition, we can recognize the owner and past events that happened in the place from the smell as an image.

Let’s protect and raise the baby foxes
To survive in this harsh world, learn the skills of the cubs such as climbing trees and digging holes. Let’s take care of the baby foxes so they can grow up healthy and strong, and protect them from the dangers they face. Until the end of this journey…

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[Enw gêm]End Ring – Extinction Forever
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[Nifer y chwaraewyr]1 person
[Genre]Action, adventure
[CERO]B (for ages 12 and over)
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◇ Japan Nature Conservation Society
Established in 1951 for the purposes of nature conservation and biodiversity conservation, it is one of the oldest nature conservation organizations in Japan. 24,000 members. With the message, “Through the power of nature, open tomorrow,” we work to create a society where everyone from babies to the elderly can live with a smile surrounded by beautiful and rich nature.
is an NGO that From the mountains to the sea, we continue to research, protect and use the natural world throughout Japan.

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