The World Hydrogen Industry Federation Announces a Statement of Support for COP27

[월간수소경제 성재경 기자] There are many voices calling for a rapid and dramatic expansion of investment to build a hydrogen ecosystem.

According to the Hydrogen Council’s recently published ‘2022 Hydrogen Insights’ report, to reach the carbon-neutral goal by 2050, around $700 billion of hydrogen investment is needed by 2030, but currently only 3% of the total investment which is being done.

Currently, the world is paying attention to hydrogen as an important way to solve the climate crisis and energy security, and about 40 countries are following a hydrogen strategy, but the speed of implementation is slow.

In response, the World Hydrogen Industry Association (Chairman Jae-do Moon, hereinafter referred to as GHIAA) issued a statement supporting the revival of the global hydrogen economy market and industry promotion on the occasion of the 27th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in the Climate (COP27) on November 3. It was presented through the COP27 Secretariat and the Egyptian government channel under the joint name of hydrogen associations from 20 GHIAA countries, including the Convergence Alliance (H2KOREA).

Following the 27th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), which is to be held in Cairo, Egypt between November 6 and 18, the statement issued a statement on the importance and urgency of implementing the hydrogen economy to participate. countries, related organizations, and companies around the world In order to achieve the net-zero goal, the rapid transition to a hydrogen economy must be promoted, and international cooperation, investment and support for technology development must be promoted for this purpose.

In addition, in the statement, GHIAA emphasized that international efforts for the supply of clean hydrogen are being actively promoted by presenting the ‘hydrogen economy implementation status 2022’ by country shared by member companies.

In the preface to the statement, he emphasized that hydrogen is an essential element of decarbonisation and that it is an infinite source of clean energy that can be produced, and that it has the potential to reduce carbon emissions in several industrial sectors, including transport, heating and heavy industry. . In addition, there is the advantage that it can be classified as a clean fuel in the form of liquid and derivatives (ammonia, etc.).

GHIAA Chairman Moon Jae-do (simultaneous chairman of H2KOREA) said, “Global cooperation across the hydrogen life cycle value chain such as hydrogen production, supply, use and trade is of utmost importance.” We will take the lead in reviving the hydrogen industry and creating synergies.”


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