Thirimali comes with a smile; New posters have come down

Mohanlal’s ‘Yodha’ is still making Malayalees laugh. The film is set in Kerala and Nepal. Starring Bibin George, Dharmajan and Johnny Antony. The film is directed by Rajeev Shetty, a disciple of Rafi. After Shikari Shambhu, SK Thirimali is produced by Lawrence.

Innovative story;

The goal is laughter only

Bibin George plays Baby, a lottery dealer. Dharmajan as a friend. Johnny Antony as Alexander, the native usurer. All three have to go to Nepal under special circumstances at home. Screenwriter Xavier Alex says that Thirimali tells the story in the context of laughter in the country and in Nepal. The wave will also make a strong comeback for Innocent in the role of the hero’s father. Salim Kumar and Harish Kanaran are in important roles. Rajeev Shetty, the director of Thirimali, has worked as a co – director with Rafi and Shafi. Anna Reshma Rajan is the heroine. Aziz, Nazir Sankranti and Pauly Watson are also in the lead roles.

Swastima Katka in Malayalam

Swastima Katka is a super heroine of Nepali cinema. The actress has won the hearts of the audience with her super hit movies like Love Love Love, Chakka Pancha 2 and Bulbul. Bulbul is an Oscar entry from Nepali cinema. Swastima appears in a song scene in Thirumali. Young actor Umesh Tamang is another actor who is coming to Malayalam.

There is also a song
Feature –
Sunithi Chauhan

In Malayalam

Thirimali comes with four songs. The three songs were composed by Sreejith Edavana and sung by Nivin Pauly – Nazriya Team’s Nenchod Cherthu ‘. Famous Bollywood singer Suniti Chauhan has sung another song in the film. The music director of this song is Bijibal. The title song is sung by Bibi, Dharmajan and Johnny Antony.

Filming in Nepal

Some of the crucial scenes in the film were shot in Lukla and Pokhara in the Himalayan valley. Director Rajeev Shetty said that despite the favorable weather conditions, the film was shot with extreme caution due to the crisis created by Kovid. Another location was Kathmandu. The second phase of filming was in Manali. Some parts of Spiti Valley and its environs were filmed. Thirimali is a sequel to SK Lawrence Shikari Shambhu’s under the banner of Angel Maria Cinemas. He said that being able to shoot the film in the original locations that the story demands would give the audience a new experience. Camera is by Faisal Ali and editing is by V. Sajan. Executive Producer – Nishad Kasargod. Badusha is the project designer. Production Controller – Sreekumar Chennithala. State award winning Liju Prabhakar (colorist), Ajith M. George (Mixing) is also in the cast of Thirimali. Akhil Raj Chira is the art director and Irshad Cherukunnu is the costume designer. Makeup – Ronax Xavier. PRO – Vazhoor Jose, Manju Gopinath. Stills – Shahjaz Abbas. Poster Design- Old Monk, Manu Da Vinci


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