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You can enjoy a wide range of games from RPG to VR on Steam. However, if the game is heavy, you will not be able to play your favorite game comfortably. This article describes the main causes and remedies for Steam games and Steam clients being heavy.

What makes the game so heavy on Steam?

Steam is the world’s largest gaming platform. Over 30,000 games are widely distributed from RPG to VR. Even if you try to download and play the game, it may not be comfortable to play because the game is heavy. In addition to the malfunction of the gaming PC, the following are possible causes.

  • Files such as game data are damaged
  • The introduced mod is interfering with the normal operation of the game
  • Security-related software is blocking the operation
  • The game does not work properly due to a GPU driver problem.

In this article, I will explain the causes and countermeasures when the game operation of Steam is heavy or does not work well.

What to do when the game is heavy on Steam

First of all, in this article, I will explain what to do when the game is heavy on Steam.

Remedy (1): Check the integrity of the game file

If you see a crash when you try to start the game, or the game suddenly becomes heavy when you come to a certain scene, suspect that the game file is corrupted.

To check and repair your game files for corruption, it’s a good idea to run a game file integrity check on Steam. The procedure is as follows.

Start Steam → Select a library from the menu → Select the target game from the game list → Select properties → Select a local file → Select game integrity check → Wait for the result to be completed.

If the game file is damaged, it will be repaired automatically by performing the above operation.

Remedy (2): Uninstall the MOD

MOD is an abbreviation for modification, which is data for modifying the contents of a game. It is established as a game culture overseas and is different from the modification prohibited by the manufacturer.

There are functions such as adding content, modifying graphics and interfaces, and unofficial patches, and some mods even significantly modify the system itself.

However, it is manufactured by a manufacturer other than the developer, and in some cases it may interfere with the normal operation of the game. If your game is heavy due to the introduction of mods, try uninstalling all mods.

If this eliminates the cause of the heavy game behavior, it is a good idea to install the mods one by one and identify which mods are the cause of the heavy game.

Remedy ③: Turn off the security software

Depending on the game software, various data files are downloaded from the game server and used. The game may be slow due to the security software misidentifying these data files as viruses.

If your security software displays an alarm, turn off the block.

If the game is heavy, try stopping the security software before running the game. If this solves the phenomenon that the game operation is heavy, try setting to exclude the game software from the security check. For specific operations, refer to the security software manual.

Remedy ④: Update the GPU driver

The game operation may be heavy due to a bug in the GPU driver. Check the GPU driver version, and if it is not the latest version, download the latest version from the official website of Gravo Maker and update to.

As for the grabbo of the gaming PC, NVIDIA (GeForce) and AMD (Radeon) are the best. Please refer to the URL of each.

NVIDIA Gravo Driver Page

AMD Gravo Driver Page

Solution ⑤: If you have multiple GPUs, change the display settings.

If the game is heavy using multiple GPUs, such as inserting two graphics cards or using the built-in GPU and Gravo together, it may be solved by changing the display settings of the PC. The general procedure is as follows:

Right-click on the home screen → select display settings from the right-click menu → select graphic settings →Select an app for which you want to specify basic settings Select a classic app → Select a reference → Select a game launch file and select the add button → Select an icon for the added game → Select an option → Select high performance → Save Select a button

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