Thousands of people enthusiastically admire the parade of floating colours, laugh and forget their sorrows as they joke

The latest picture this morning: A group of athletes scrambling to grab buns. (Photo by Huang Weibang)

The Taiping Qingjiao parade was restarted this year after 3 years of the epidemic. In the evening, there was a bun grabbing battle and drama. Cheung Chau celebrated the Christmas season yesterday. About 20 colored floats ran through the streets and lanes of Cheung Chau like a slide show. live news – moving activity During the performance, the satirical scene was full of jokes and sorrows. Some of them turned into small boats to protest the increase in the price of the new ferry; some of them satirized the price increase of everything in life, adding “crazy” everywhere, and others dressed up as government officials, doctors and firefighters. And Hong Kong female flying fish He Shibei and others. Tourists lined the streets to welcome them, and some people came to the location several hours early to wait for a good seat, and some traders took the opportunity to rent “stools” to make money. As of 8:00 last night, more than 43,300 people traveled back and forth to Cheung Chau, a decrease of 13% compared to before the epidemic.

This year’s parade includes 8 neighborhood associations and other organizations. About 19 vehicles started from Pak Tai Temple in Cheung Chau at 2:00 noon yesterday, and shuttled through the streets and alleyways. The march was led by the “Fire Ambition” of the Hui Hailu Association. The “ambulancers” wearing white shirts and helmets and the firefighters next to them praised the fire brigade that had recently traveled to Turkey to help save the victims of the earthquake.

In addition, floating colors are turned into small boats with the theme “adding weight to a hundred times” The children act as sailors, and the colored cores on the colored frame hold the slogan “Protest in by the new ferry fare increase”; A large check of more than 5.3 million yuan satirizes Hong Kong Electric’s power outage, but is expected to bring millions of dollars in bonuses; the children below continue to hand out candy, suggesting that the government will send more money to fight inflation.

It was recorded at 29°C yesterday, tourists were preparing sun hats early

There is a theme of Hong Kong team athletes The children wear the winning sports clothes and become “Little He Shibei” to praise Hong Kong female swimmer He Shibei for winning two silver medals in the 100-meter freestyle and 200-meter freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics Athletes can win more than one medal at a single Olympics, and some kids are pretending to be fencing gold medalist Zhang Jialang at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Observatory recorded a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius yesterday, with an average UV index of 6, which is considered high, however, the hot weather did not stop tourists from watching the parade, which attracted a large number of citizens and tourists along the way . They had already prepared to prevent heat stroke, fans, towels, sun hats, etc. were sent one after the other Some people even sat on the balcony fence of the building passing the parade route to’ enjoy

Rent a stool for 100 yuan in the shop

Both sides of the street that the float color parade passes are full of people, and the shop rents a stool for 100 yuan per person for visitors to enjoy the float color. Mr. Only happy to see Piaose, he thought the price was reasonable, and the most important thing was that he didn’t need to bask in the sun or force others. Mrs Tang said that children like the dragon and the lion dance the most, but she thinks that this year’s theme is not too special, and the athletes are the most impressive. This year, Piaose was accused of being under the “Hong Kong National Security Law”, which greatly reduced the elements of political satire. Huang Chengcheng, director of Piaose, Hui Hailu Society, said that he is not worried that Piaose’s content will be illegal If the government does not do well, he will be impeached. “.

小朋友最成工作,报議新渡輪加價。 (袁志豪攝)

Children dressed up as workers protested the new increase in ferry fares. (Photo by Yuan Zhihao)


Pingan bags are very popular.


The children wore the winning sports clothes and turned them into “Little He Shibei”.


Traditional shapes are also welcome.


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